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Scoring straight to michael crabtree on the final play of the game it was extended by two straight defensive holding calls the raiders snapped a fourgame losing streak thirty one thirty over the chiefs against going with do sakes on the scoreboard in terms of time jack del rio raiders coach on the exciting finish going down to the wire in knowing the outcomes in the balance the excitement of being an mep version some from garages i've just kicking of absolutely love it something about being a film playing and coaching for as long ago it if you've moment moment awesome awesome moments group or member leave coercion 5 from the spot all kinds of things who could have been game super exciting won't keep in mind the raiders had lost four straight coming in but how could this kind of spring board them the rest of the way espn nfl analyst damien woody on sports center with svp i wonder what the value of this is for oklahoma can they take this winning subtly revert back to the idea of what we thought they could be coming incentives sees we all we all thought that they're going to be able to throw the ball obviously won't be weren't able to run the ball like a lot of people thought they were but the you know now we see in a more in cuba we've been accustomed to see an easing in witnessprotection early part of season he's been he's been free from witness protection he had a loss at night does that keep up momentum to keep well we we sit here and we must mean this when you're in the locker room right now if you're if you're on the oakland ceylon i'm sure you're on your world but i'm a man i'm breathing sara lee because if people to and five the news this old for you now it would be sitting at three and four you light okay would nine the best spot but we're not out of it by any stretch of the imagination right now that was crazy scott never seen football game like a novel scored they may digital api games holding its beat them four times more from the nfl on the way the bulls done in by the long balls so to speak while cams latest issue seems to be with the media we explain what sports that are all night returns this is espn radio though.

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