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It's more coming more or soon but yeah I think if I remember we're about halfway through it is about right. Yes for placed You know test her on the board where we're a little over fifty percent. Yeah so they're going to be related releasing the information on the next ten taking the tap and just kinda like slowly opening it up a little bit more slow dribbles more. So does that mean. That's eight ten. They're going to talk about. Potentially I would assume if I hardly behind I do not know if they let me read this is this is from the truth seeker himself and and I just don't understand like like If the rounds over like so they're still doing predictions and stuff though so let me read this in. Y'All can make sense of it to me because I have a moron so truth seekers after a whole series of mind exercise we have finally made it to verification time for round seven. This was on March third in edited on March fourth. We have fifteen test rain. Total the test rate live. Drops have already been verified. Please make your predictions wisely verifications. For the rest of the ten tests array will be announced on March fifth at sixteen hundred. Ut See the tethered hand has agreed this time. Those who wish to withdraw their chance of making predictions do state their decision in a comment in the appropriate threat before March fourth. Twenty three hundred to see all. It's already bad so you can't do that anymore anyway. You will have until March sakes so that's tomorrow are soon because it's eighteen hundred Z. And when this to make your placement predictions so that's placement predictions for round seven right. Yes those are sentenced. Yeah those have been found. They just haven't been placed. Okay so now. Does that mean those ten or seven or eight so confusing or should be sending an okay. Yeah we had a thing in an ingress. That doesn't have some confusion in it again. Five of those jobs and how many of those live drops your you on. Why why why many I have total through the whole time zero? Okay so also something that I noticed while I was looking at the Ray Tesla stuff today was apparently. There's badges on the form for Different tax rates. Stuff that yes. Yeah those were all God. Yes around there. I discover verified so there. Yeah there's I discover so you were verified as I discover for at least a one test ray. Then there's one for discoverer you were verified is the discover for at least one test ray. Does that mean you were like the the top three? Okay top three. Who got that okay? So that's why I don't have it even though I posted that I found one because I discovered one but I wasn't a discover makes sense. Okay tracker you have made at least to post administrating your understanding of Tesla directives and or helping agents new to the investigation. So do you get that just for kind of helping in the forms and giving info or just posting images that you got it a couple of times or all that all of the above kind of a little bit slow too that whatever Antic teams is helpful. Tell people so. I think you know answering questions at other agents might have on different things but so I wonder if that's all manual or if you just go in and Post Forum manual awarded. I BELIEVE YOU'RE NOT GONNA. You'RE NOT GONNA lose out a way to automatically get that. We'll see I'M GONNA go post twice. Everybody should go post twice. This is just a test. Make a thread that says agency can test. That's fine. I've been banned off forms before they can do it again. But Yeah Post test and see but you know it gets people on the forums. That's great go there and say hi ask about if you have questions about the Tesla do it. They're like start a thread about it. And your question and I think that'll help other people who have the same questions that don't WanNa post there as well anyway. That's that and I swear. We had more news. I had more news in the introduction. I did you. I don't know we can let it go. We have the test Latian. We talked about that. Check heck that athlon check. We have the ICE spoofer check. We talked about that. We had The new scout metal which was kinda part of the Puerto scanning so. Yeah so I guess we. We hit everything And women of Ingress so Did we miss anything? Just getting really efficient and the release. Okay so I guess. That's that's that unless he has anything else will give him the code a code. You remember when you get old Coco. What's the passcode? For this episode of the Agent Academy Number. Seventy seven is a women of Ingress A and you can go submit this now on the website and it has been verified by Eighty Gooney guy but wait until it really works Jay. Jay Blaze comes back with it. Hey now I resemble that remark I think I think that was something to say about me screwing up in the past. I do want to say thank you for everyone in the chat. It is good. See all here. There's a whole slew of people and If you've this is something that's kind of cool if you have Amazon prime for free if you haven't used it in another twitch channel you can subscribe for free and that means you get all the icons for the channel for free For a month and you can just Redo that every month if you like these. I'm going to do some icon Bam And we'll probably change those out over time Matter of fact I know we probably will soon because the channel name actually then this kind of just some paperwork for the agent academy we may be changing to an overall channel name. 'cause there's some other shows that might be happening soon that are non ingress related and Anyway we'll let everyone know when that happens with that. We may change icons fit multiple shows and things like that but you also get academy points which may change to some other kind of points. But then we'll do the same stuff you get those just for watching anything on the channel and they just pick up You get more if you're subscriber But then you can do stuff like I like my message. Can I do that even though I don't? I lied it day to day and stuff like that. So you can make your message highlights and it's basically free. You have to listen to us. That's the downside right. So far points to K- points now Bam? It's going to make a badge. We're still waiting for Jay. Jay Blaze actually used as points to get a badge on the website but He's got a design it so as soon as we get that Info will make a badge and then he can give out a code to anyone in the world to get a badge on. The site can episode. Bet I'll call is that. He's demand or he's the woman of Ingress See. Yeah see how I I I see where you'd I think what you did. There pulled it all around anyway. I the way the badge works. I tried it. Yeah I can't believe daybyday blazed. Tell us I think that's it. I don't have anything else. I'm good for awhile. Okay well everybody get out there. Move and we'll see y'all next week or Greenfield's in my in myself so I can come up beautiful. You wish for what what? What cell is that sleep? Put the anchors outside of the cell. Well Y- don't anchor in like Boston and throw away that. Why not though if you can..

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