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Was that robot behind the rear seats on the came up on the s. l. Five hundred back when s l was the first one was the second one for the e. class for the seattle k generation because it had to be more simple had to be cheaper of course and and and and so thinking it through from mercedes benz safety engineer versus young mechanical engineer. Who just think through. It doesn't apply all mercedes. Knowledge came up with a very simple solution by understanding what actually matters in that system and it mattered that in a blink of second full menia fast. This roll over bar has to shoot up as high as possible behind the rockets as is possible and locking that was the requirement and i understood so okay so it doesn't really matter how gets as long. It's as fast as possible. The mercedes engineers saw like oh it has to be highly precise guidances up there and it has to be shot up there manufactured in highly hand work now so this went all the wrong way. I had huge gaps and tolerance. Is i just shot this thing. It was pressed like like body. Parts was quite cheap in my patent. They liked the kept the for generations. So that's my starting point was mercedes. My heart was beating for. Bmw a love the pioneering spirit from the old fritz of doing engines for motorcycles and airplanes and cars at some point this reinventing the company because of certain existential needs. I got an opportunity to support a studio engineer. The interior design team and as obvious as it sounds. It wasn't because i saw like interior. Our right yeh drive my car. There's an there's just an orange crate with a pillow on it that you sit on till then my whole thinking even building our c. models it was always the outer experience the components assistance which could package inside and yeah in a car there several people in there and maybe they bring the luggage but that was my interior thinking and then i learned how beautiful the work in tears. The manufacturing techniques the economics and bmw at the time known for all their cockpit their reach ability every every element so it was just fascinating as an engineer. So i met with about one hundred engineers there to talk to them about how they do this and that and stuff and while i was doing the studio engineering work on supporting the designers. My boss thomas platt. He saw that. There is some energy in me. And i wanted to do more. I wasn't just satisfied with student. Wanted to design automobiles and style them so he gave me the chance out of competition to create a model clay model of full scale. Clay model of the dashboard. The doors in the center console for the next three series at the time. And i was for the forty six three series. And how odds wanted. I won the competition and thomas plots so alex stone think that you wanted and that's done now now your challenge starts right now and i said wait a second. I mean do for nine months nothing different than working in presentation to the board in the proves and changes. Whatever you want. I thought i'm done now. No no no no no because now hundred engineers would tell you that it's not working. It's gonna be expensive. We cannot do this like this their suppliers. There's all of this. And i said wha- and then my former boss peter ruts from the student engineering. He told me. I have a studio engineer. You just made it into the design world. Us studio engineer. You're the designer. You just don't need a stew engineer. You just talk directly with engineers and sit in the media. Select okay and i did. So i worked with so many people. And that's why the messages. I like to work with a lot of people from different backgrounds. The interior designer is the only one who thinks about every little element in an interior from the radio button over the dashboard. Top surface about the ambient lighting pipe. The loud speaker grilles in the parcel shelf. The seat stitching the comfort of the backrest and i didn't know this because i was so full but one engineer told me this one's alex. I think you the only one who composes all of this. And i said like you're right. And the exterior designed part of it is a very small group of individuals doing so i learned. I like to work with a lot of people from different backgrounds. And from then on. Wherever i was i like to cooperate like to collaborate and to invent together crisp angled supported me and my next step to go to california to design works because he has the authority or he had the authority. What's going on design works but not as a designer but as a team leader on the engineering on the engineering total vehicle architecture. I recruited in germany. Some advanced engineers out of different disciplines and motivated them to join me to create a skunkworks in california to new breeds of electric vehicles for the future. And of course now we see that today with. Bmw's i three. And the i eight. Which of course there. I sort of wild sports car in that arena. We created crazy. Prototypes here about leaning vehicles. Because remember bmw the moto mature at the the motorbike brands. I absolutely remember that and car brand. And they acquired the mini brand so in terms of brand and learned a lot about the brand identity into design specifically for brand like for example. W very clear in bmw. The leaders make. It was dr rights at the time he said like the mini cannot be the smallest. Bmw looking like a bmw and the rolls royce cannot be the largest bmw has to be outside. So you guys need to figure this out what that means. And i was part of it figuring it out what the perception and what. The qualities are office specific brand. I recruited several individuals but it needed to be very small agile team and operation and then we created several. Remember the beautiful sunset. The fiscus son said the fiscus surf which was like a shooting brag on the same platform and then the atlantic the atlantic was basically the next best progressive step of an automobile and it was more focused in the price range around seventy thousand dollars and you know what the tesla model s going to be potentially to to hold against ilan and so it was just awesome. We would just hendrick hendrick just that backbone of supporting any idea and design designer from company. I mean what do you want more. And new american brand styling driven and we'd just dreaming the dream until it was done was reasons why couldn't continue. And that brought me to detroit to the mecca of automotive industry in america and i realized that maybe the better place to reinvent the automobile. Because you have all those international players of suppliers there. You have so much competent. Talented individuals in all levels of engineering marketing. Branding design everything. And so i dreamed of going to college for creative. Studies is just almost a different level of making an impact. Then if i would have joined stewart and japhet you know we talked and they hated that i went there because it was lecturing at the time at arts center. Also is that right. Read give you ration for that. Oh yes balls jeff. Jeff stewart's like acts. What do we need to do to keep. You cannot go to cca. Well guys. i let me just take this as an opportunity and then let's collaborate. I mean this. American design education elaborate by. Why can't we do something together. And yes detroit needed that infusion because the biggest challenge detroit as you know people that.

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