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Two FBI agents were shot and wounded at a suburban Phoenix apartment complex while executing an arrest warrant. The suspect found dead Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is undergoing chemotherapy, but says she has no plans to retire area all bigger ABC News Cuomo News, 1000 FM 97 7 Coma NEWS Time. 7 to 31 65 degrees Art Sanders Top local stories from the camo 24 7 news Center. Detectives investigating the death of Bottle Police Officer Jonathan Shoot now say it appears he was killed by his partner who was returning fire on a suspect. Officer. Aeryn Snow of the Snohomish County Multiple agency response team says they've been chasing a man who opened fire on the driver's side of patrol car believe that multiple shots were fired from inside of that vehicle. And during that, uh, training Officer Officer come sure fired multiple times with one of those shots striking and killing the officer Shoot in that crossfire. This is Officer Mustafa. Come sure was wounded in the head but is expected to be okay. Officer come sure have been field training officer Shoop. The 37 year old suspect was caught and charged with first degree murder, attempted murder in vehicular assault. The words I can't breathe, have become the rallying cry for police reform And the reason yet another fatal encounter with law enforcement has surfaced. This time in Snohomish County goes so Romero, reporter Family of Attila Tribes member is asking the governor for a criminal review of the death of Cecil Lacy Jr. In 2015 after he met with the Snohomish County Sheriff's deputy family attorney gave Gland a says someone called 911 to report Lacey having a mental crisis that ended with Deputy Tyler Pendergrass putting his full weight. Eight on Lacey's back, face down on the ground, he said. I can't breathe and within 10 or 15 seconds He died of what's called mechanical expectation. He basically suffocated, Calandra says. Those last words were not included in the police report and at the county medical examiner's cited a different cause of death. Cardiac arrhythmia due to drugs. The family accuses the county and the sheriff's office of covering up the details of Lacey's death. See Romero come on news governor's offices, they will have conversations with the attorney general's office about next steps. A 70 year old Edmond's man faces charges for vandalizing black lives matter Artwork at the city, a city Civic park. Prosecutors say the man used black paint to erase the first T in the slogan I can't breathe on offense. Officers found the man at his home after what does his gave a description of him in a car He was seen driving while leaving the park would herald reports the city's sanction art was created by Edmund's teenagers. The closure of the Upper West.

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