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And say it or mean, right because I mean, there was a lot of arrogance at that time with Eric is that's when I think w WB WWE in the ratings. Yeah. Seventy weeks in a row or something like that. Right. But when it switched. Yeah. They never went back. Right. You know, exactly. And that was just you could see the the the ball. Right. See change. And when it switched boom. Like, I said it was done. Yeah. Wow. No had a lot of power. Didn't. I. Are you in the I bring this up all the time because I know Eric ended up working prevents were you with us at the at the target center. I never forget where we were. And when Eric had that meeting in catering and said he will not rest in he'll until he puts a stake, Vincent bands heart. I remember him saying that thinking holy shit. This is really personal. And the fact that he said that and you know, if you say that amongst the boys it's gonna get out, right? It's not going to be quiet. It will even. So he said it as as a team meeting writers guys in the room. Exactly. And then to see him on Vinci's show, just blew my mind. It's funny too. Because I mean, there's a lot of guys in WCW because it was such a crazy place. Like, I, you know, I basically left the same way that that you left to DMC wwco wsng later, where it was just like, you know, you're offered a certain amount of money. But anyways, right and did not really get along with Eric. And when he first came into WBZ's like holy shit. This Astles that a lot of guts to come in here. Right. But then you get to Nome and Eric outside of that WW world was actually a great guy. I really get along with them. And I like him a lot right? You know? And there's a lot of guys like that. For me Booker T was like Scott Steiner DP Reich show. These guys are just miserable that attitude permeated over to to us. Exactly. And then you see them outside of it. And they're all just really sweet guys. Right. Yeah. I know the working conditions weren't good. They really weren't. There was a lot of pressure on me and a lot of pressure on us. And so when I finally walked away from a cold Turkey. Yeah. I really really did. I mean, I Scott Hudson called me, and Scott all always knew the behind the scenes stuff. He called me. And he said I've got a tip that Eric Bischoff is going to be on raw tonight. And I went. I gotta turn this on. Right. I turned it on and I saw him walk down and shake his hand or whatever they actually walked through a promo promo. The Booker T was doing all really Booker was another guy that wasn't a big fan and Eric just walks right through the shot. Okay. And he was like, I I don't think he said it. But I know the look on his face what the. Right. Right. So I and I just turned it off. I said snuff impact or back in back in then TNA had become into a couple of he'll things for them. Do couple he'll promos for them. And this was Vince Russo wanted me to to work for them. Right. And this was probably I don't know two thousand one or two thousand to two thousand three and I did like one show for them. And I told Vince events I just can't do it anymore. I'm I'm completely burned out of the business. And I completely walked away from it. I want wanna tell you. How completely walked away from the business? I was I did not know about your success your success. Okay. Until I dunno last year. Really? Yeah. Interesting. When when I put on the Osama watch wrestlemainia eighteen okay, I saw I saw match. match with you triple h and went holy shit. He's in the main event in wrestlemainia. And then I went back and watched you know, when you beat stone cold in the Rockies, and I'm thinking, wow. That's a deal. Right. Right. Yeah. So didn't watch. So. Yes..

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