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Extremely wicked shockingly evil in vile. I dunno. We're gonna talk about this today. I was gonna watch it. I won't ruin it for you. I won't ruin it for really wish. I would have watched it because I could have contributed to this conversation. I've been meeting the watch it, I'm so I I have to talk about it because it's fresh on my mind, and I watched it extremely wicked shockingly evil in vile is is obviously the net flicks movie that came out where we've got Zack Ephron playing Ted Bundy notorious American American serial killer, right. It's actually just a few months ago. We had the documentary miniseries conversations with a killer. The Ted Bundy tapes came out on Netflix AJ, watch those. I didn't. Okay, they're pretty cool. Would you recommend that? I watched that before I watch if no move fictional who have never listened to or watch the tapes from Bundy in court or in prison than yes. I do. I commend you. Go watch the document. Before you watch the movie, but I in the case that you've seen all that shit. Like you've been down the YouTube warm whole of Ted Bundy you've been through all the audio clips, then you absolutely do not need to watch that documentary. It is no good. That being said this movie was made by the same director as that documentary. Joe Berlinger he did both. I guess he's obsessed with Bundy trying to get that bag. That's where it gets weird though. Because this movie the problem is it is not when you watch. Jay, you're going to the angle is not what you expect. At all as more of like, a a romance story. Yeah. Would you say? They sort of tried to frame it up that way, the problem is this they focused almost entirely on Ted bundy's Sharada of trying to like mitt take the media on this wild goose chase in all the crazy shit that he did in court with the first like nationally televised court case it spins almost no time addressing his psyche. And by the way, when they get like before the movie came out when they were doing the whole hype train, the marketing Zach Efren suggested that they were going to delve into the psyche of Ted Bundy, and that he wanted to make sure the movie was a actual. That it was actually looking into what drove him and why he was the way was and not just gore fine him in that saw run it because this movie ends up doing just that. All it does not it's not glorifying him in my opinion..

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