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I'm turning into my father in stylistically but when i first started stewart's god is why i wanted to do journalism oh yeah oh wait a man hurry yeah come on we just take a moment and reflect on the awesomeness that his stuart scott he asked weekend we should but stuart scott was a long time sports caster in anchor on espn but that doesn't say enough how would you describe stewart's car he brought himself to his job like he who will he wasn't willing to become an archetype of a sportscaster endless happen today and a home run and then you know it was he he brought his own flare to it he broad funny expressions he was you know he he was himself and also as one of the few black anchors on sports center it was a very important job and also he didn't shy away i think it was easy especially when you're forced to conform and you're one of the few black anger's to just be just any anchor but he's a now i'm going to be me abor all these wonderful phrases that people still use i think he opened up sportscasting to be a form of entertainment yeah yeah and and he's also often imitated yes by lesser individuals but uh here just sit back and listen to stewart scott the rating derek jeter and abortion rodriguez who's got the best left wing cross and sports shirt topfive royce clayton takes one goes money out royce slow your role kid it's always fifth over the year buddy rushed in question four hundred twenty three feet you have to actually try and be their back.

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