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Wcbm Baltimore in the overnight hours, mainly partly to mostly cloudy conditions might see a stray shower overnight. Low drops to about 72 for tomorrow. As we start the weekend makes the clouds and sunshine again. Chance of straight shower thunderstorm high of 91 by Sunday, warming up even Mohr sunshine, a few clouds. And I of 96 by Monday, mostly sunny, even warmer than that with upper nineties by Monday, lows over seventies programs to the weather Channel for talk Radio, 6 80 Wcbm Wcbm Studios are brought to you by Safe Retirement Solutions. Call Rod Borowy for 10266 11 20 Safe retirement solutions that calm It's three hours of really news informed opinion, traffic and weather on the threes and your calls. Don't miss the morning drive. Live with Casey and Elliot. Weekday morning 6 to 9 on talk radio, 6 80 wcbm views and opinions. You here on talk Radio, 6 80 Wcbm Wcbm. Dotcom are not necessarily those of the owner's banishment. Employers and advertisers off wcbm, but they should be This's George Noory with coast to coast. Am on talk Radio six WCBS. Wait. Talk to Ian Pun it call the wild card line at 185014109 The first time Caller line is 81850147 to 1. To talk toll free from east of the Rockies, called 808 to 55033 from West of the Rockies told three call 806 188255 This is coast to.

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