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Like a few months before he died in nineteen seventy three. So what's interesting about Bruce is his his fame outside of southeast Asia where he was huge was entirely posthumous because outside of southeast Asia, no one really knew who he was. And so the big boss fist a fury way of the dragon, the three Hong Kong movies he made and then enter the dragon, which was his Hong Kong. Hollywood co-production were all released in nineteen seventy three. And I mean, how did these these films change cinema. Not only in Hong Kong. What was different about these movies that made them so huge? Well, one factor obviously is that it had Bruce Lee. Right. Roughly, you know, when you watch his earlier performances, you can see the talent, but he's not quite a star yet, and it's that undefinable thing. But by the time he's in the big boss, you just can't take your eyes off of him. He's absolutely magnetic. And so these were the first movies in which you saw a genius at work. The the second factor was nobody in the west had ever watched a Hong Kong movie outside of Chinatown. So there were like three white guys would go to Chinatown watch it, and then the Chinese community would watch them. But no one else did and I compare the Hong Kong film industry in the nineteen early nineteen seventies to the Nigerian one today, which was very popular within that geographic area amongst that community, but no exposure out outside of it. And so his movies transform the world because they introduced the western culture to what was going on and Chinese cinema in as. You said these movies didn't become really popular until after he died, but headed lasting impact on American cinema because martial arts movie became become, became a thing in a lot of the stunt men that worked with Bruce Lee went on to make a lot of popular. You know, crossover, you know, starting the filmed in Hong Kong, but they aired in America. I mean, Jackie Chan is a great example that Chuck Norris trained with Bruce Lee. You know guy was Walker, Texas ranger, and but I, the best Chuck Norris movie was was sidekicks though I got. A lone wolf equate guy, but I'll give you sidekicks, right. Let's see. I, it changed American cinema like that became Jan rutta America after Bruce Lee, it changed American cinema, I think in several fundamental ways one in pro all this Asian talent over. And so you mentioned Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan was a stunt boy onto BRUCE'S films. You can see him for like a fraction of a second enter the dragon when Bruce snaps his neck. And so Jackie learned BRUCE'S feet. And after Bruce died, they tried to make Jackie the next briefly. And then he realized it would work better if he played a kind of comedic clown role, Chuck Norris as well. So all of this talent that came after Bruce Bruce introduced to the world through his movies, it introduced an entirely new genre to the west karate. Kung FU movies were big in China, but no one had seen them in the west. And so suddenly we had this John that you later see the matrix or..

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