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Medical need and is in short supply Last night in Buffalo A church service where the ten people killed at a top supermarket almost a week ago Today the first funeral for the victims will be held family Friends and parishioners will say goodbye to 67 year old church deacon Hayward Patterson a grand jury has indicted the 18 year old suspect on a first degree murder charge Another state is expected to enact a strict abortion law ahead of a Supreme Court decision that could overturn roe V wade Lawmakers in Oklahoma have passed a bill outlawing abortions from the moment of conception Republican Wendy stearman voted in favor If you allow the 6 weeks then you are condoning abortion up to that point and science tells us that the moment of fertilization is when the DNA is created Governor stitt is expected to sign the legislation a Boeing space taxis en route to the International Space Station three Two And liftoff The star liner launched from cape canaveral last night it's a make or break unmanned mission with the ultimate goal of flying astronauts to the ISS S&P futures up 47 This is CBS News Need to hire quality candidates fast you need indeed their powerful hiring platform helps you attract interview and higher candidates all in one place visit indeed dot com slash credit 5 O three Friday morning may 20th and it's going to be a hot one Humid too with highs into the low 90s today Good morning I'm Bruce Allen along with Joan Jones and here are the top local stories we're following for you this hour The school year is almost over but coronavirus cases and schools are spiking More and more local students are testing positive for the virus compared to in January We've seen an increased number of outbreaks occurring in schools Doctor Ben Schwartz with the fairfax county health department says nearly 4000 students in the county tested positive for COVID this month This week there were over 40 schools that were experiencing new outbreaks In Montgomery county more than 3000 cases in schools have been reported in the past ten days and D.C. says last month at school system had 451 cases during the week of April 24th the highest since the end of the winter surge Nick I Nelly news Over the last two weeks overall cases are up more than a 100% in D.C. and Maryland and up 63% in Virginia The number of people hospitalized with COVID in our region is slowly increasing but deaths from the virus remain.

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