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He was able to get a Rick Devon's onboard Aurora, Victoria, and just and these are some of these people are not his close allies where he has. Yeah. Uh-huh. In says in thirty seconds. Okay. This is the vote. It's when worth tonight, don't say anything. Okay. Bye. And that's it. And they and they did. Yeah. I mean, he did pick up desperate people to be to be fair. I mean, he's on the bottom. No. He did a great job. And I realized now I've continued to call them war dogs which to his face. I called him when I met him as well. Dogs with Z. It's with an S. It's not with Z. I know that would have been cooler rephrase of this. I think war dogs thrives in the survivor environment. I think some people like, I don't know Don Mahan, for instance, it was against every instinct it was against every instinct on her body to betray someone to play a mind game on them. And this isn't a diss aura compliment, but I just feel like this is worth dogs best environment. Like, I think he's really loves doing this. And it's thriving off of it. So I'm not sure I mean. Yeah. Maybe he can. I'm just saying that if for some reason, he gets axed sooner rather than later, people are gonna wonder why his close ally slash threat was eliminated by him. But didn't you see in the jury where Aubrey was like? Oh, yeah. I mean people like the journal like the people on the extinction island that's going to be all. The buzz like, wow. Can you believe the war dog? I love what. I'll of course. I feel like that out of all the players that are in the game. Yeah. If he gets to the final three right now, I think he's the winner. I don't want percent agree with that. Why who do you feel like is somebody who is if they get there? So right now. Oh, who's the person that you feel like has a better case than war dog? It's not so much better case. But if you're looking at your jury reactions, which just brought up every time Rick speaks we we are shown jury member smiling. Julius smiles, Dave, smiles, I'm not saying this for certain that I could see war dog sitting with Rick and losing. I will say that if you know, the people that were anti Rick Devon's with people that were pro war dog, but by making this move war dog does potentially cut off his constituency jury if Rick is there with war dog in the end now, maybe Kelly is like, well, I don't care for Rick Devon's. But you know, screw you wore dog. Listen, maybe feels the same way. And there's a lot of pro Rick Devon's people. So I I definitely do think that that probably would be the person that I feel like that might have more votes in their pocket in the end. And I'm not saying that one has a better case over the other. I'm just saying you asked me if there's anyone who could wore Daunton final three. And I'm saying if there is anyone I think is Rick Devon's you wanna talk about stories. I mean, the whole season is extinction island. And you we hire all these. I mean, the big reason for voting off, Dave. And I thought it was a great. Line by war dogs. The attorneys have too good a story. It's too much of a story rip. Devon's was voted out and went to extinction came back and is now a power player mid mid to late merge. I mean, that's the story. Does a story. That's a great story knows about breaking stories. This sucks. Yeah. There are there are a couple. I don't know why I side like that. But I'm not gonna apologize. No. I won't so apologetic. Alright war dog is in the driver seat right now. Fair to say, yeah. He's what's the next move. Are we going to use a he's a?.

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