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I think anybody knows him. He really knew the profession. He'd been assistant for Don Haskins for maybe Levin ten years somewhere in there, and he was pretty much doing all the recruiting you tip at that time. And so he knew the profession inside out. He is really shrewd to this day. If I have a question on something like that in the profession, every once in a while all shoot him. 'cause he, he thinks on that. Now he really, he really understood that. So I thought he's good there and then he was he was relentless worker and just the the obvious is good recruiter, but he he was is good coach for that age. That time. I mean he'd been around has consumed. He knew what he knew what he was doing work for Lorenzo Romar at pep and at at Saint Louis. One thing from row that you still use. I would say just how good he wa- is with people. I picked one thing that I thought Lorenzo was he's he's really talented guy create human being as well. But I thought he was just really good with people with the players coaches. He just made you feel good when you around. He's tractor, but just really good with people. So in two thousand one Saint Mary's who they had been good Ernie had him going and they went to the NCAA term and he leaves and civic Dominquez. They went two games. He ends up getting fired. How'd you get the Saint Mary's job? How that come to be your at what Saint Louis at the time, and you guys had Saint Louis pretty well role and had you get the same Mary's job. So, yeah, it was Dave winkled boys. I said, so we'd Deba Lincoln. My will four years after Ernie did and they lie. They had some nets, bad breaks the starting with Brad Millar had the foot problem right foot five time. Yeah. So anyhow, how did I get the job? I was lucky and that's bottom line there was there's really down. They weren't paying lot. You? Yeah, I, I was whatever somehow. Did you did you interview in person people? Yeah. I mean, what would like? How'd you go back? I think we have, you know, like, look, there's lots of basketball coaches, listen this pod, like, how'd you get it? All right. So you're at your Saint Louis. What do you remember about how you like Saint Mary's is coming open day? Boeing, coll- lose his job. You knew the league because your time at San Diego and at Pepperdine. Right? You know the west coast because that's that's regroup. And that's where you grew up in terms of recruiting, but had you go about, you know, get in front of somebody where did, where did you conduct your interview and what was your pitch? How'd you do it. So I was a point in my career. I was at Saint Louis and really was a west coast guy learns took the job of Saint Louis as Pepperdine kind of. You know, I was a San Diego and they, they brought in a guy, brought him Brad hall, and then I was when I was hoping, you know, I thought I'd chance get that job. And then same thing having a Pepperdine and they brought him Ben Braddock off and so it. That's what I was talking about earlier. Like I didn't really figure out how it all worked like thirty and kinda got not that I deserve the jobs, and they take very good candidates, but it kind of reality hit me. All right. Wait a minute. These jobs are hard to get. I have figured out how you do this 'cause I don't wanna change professions and I wanna be cyst on my life, but I had gotten to point at moved out, sit Saint Louis with the Renzo took that job. I didn't really wanna go. I just had no connection with the mid west. As like I said, I born and raised in the west gun a college out there all my contacts out there in. So. I was ready. I was very coach taking JC job. I was right at that point and I thought it could get one in Arizona and this Saint Mary's job open. And I'd been in the league a number of years, probably fourteen years before that was San Diego Pepperdine..

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