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And then we start doing this podcast and then It's gone so much further in-depth. Yeah, you know and she's she's a duchess of stuff. So yeah, she's got him behind. I know I'm sorry Erica, but I'm going through the motions of curating now things to send her content to send her boxes to Center and I spent a significant amount of time thinking about like, what would you basing things I could send to her? Yeah knowing her. Yeah. I haven't seen her. In years Brian person had neither of I you know what? I mean, isn't that she doesn't live here, you know. She's been back a few times. We haven't seen each other we have Rod because it's just my point is it just opens up this whole thing? And you know, I'll shout out more fans, you know, it was a big deal for me Tony. Yeah Ely month when you started commenting talking to me back, you know, I've been friends with him for a long time grew up with him. He was always like a little little brother. Yeah little kid and then they you know, he starts, here on the show and you know back and forth and we're talking about all these things. That was a big deal for me. I'm like It's so cool. I never even thought that somebody like him would be interested in this and he is so that was a big deal and then he kind of went away wasn't commenting for a while. I'm like, oh wow way we lost him know and then it came back recently is like commenting. So that was a big deal early on Ian Ian is a person that I've always been able to enjoy these kinds of things with God. It's great having so many get that in depth with the show. Yes, and then there's a lot of other people like that so I don't want to spend too much time on this but then we start getting these people outside of like Craig who I didn't know never met him before going to say so I mean if you really actually thought about it and broken down the numbers so I mean if you guys are doing to Opera two hour episodes, you've done a hundred episodes It's 12,000 minutes. And like I said, I walk the first time I ever met you was when I walked in the studio and did the first one and that was episode 78 dead. That's the first time I met you and the first thing I said to you..

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