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And so what we're seeing is a natural cool down from what some would say as irrational exuberance secondly most people watching the market could have guessed that inflation was coming. Well of course you coulda guessed that inflation was coming. All you have to do is look. Who's running our economy and you know they want to raise taxes and so in regulate more. That means you're going to have inflation and boom. You can't buy as much with your dollar so there you go. That's what happens. That is what. I actually want to touch on this. I find this interesting is inevitable. Our side or shape schick reviews. We've used shame jeff along with weather in the past airborne. These is the boundary and seating. Yo and they decided completely decentralized their entire up any tall. And they're gonna do this. Huge airdrop the largest airdrop in history. And so you've done one before trades on shaped ship that you're going to get two hundred bucks if you've done by two nine hundred on shapeshifts. Three hundred bidding bucks etcetera etcetera. And so don't hundred trades or more you're eighty five hundred fox who knows how much oxygen were but basically the president was saying that or vorhees was saying that is become clear that open immutable finance. Choirs opened immutable organizations completely. Decentralized i find that interesting i find it shape shifting. I don't know if they've ever used shapeshifts or not. You know what you have. You shapes us the exodus wallet. Oh so we're gonna get Going to get some airdrops. That's nice so the The lead story from this week the headline itself could be a little misleading. But there is a power plant is hydro electric. It was built in eighteen. Ninety seven in mechanicsville new york. That's near albany The oldest renewable energy facility in the world that still running and what they figured out is that they can actually make more money. Mining bitcoin with us plant than selling the electricity makes to the national grid. So that's what he's doing. That's what the the owner of this power plant is doing. Is they're mining bitcoin. There with the the power instead of sending it on for Other sees about that. And that's in albany. That's up there. Near believe agra balls since seem nah agra falls right. That's that's what. We're not going to sell this electricity to people actually use our own. It's it's It's like a big Like it looks like a damn and they got these big huge turbines. Their water swallowing ruined. That's generating electricity and they're using that to line ones. That will be very efficiently and green use of that. The only problem is we're going to get. This reminds me that can do.

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