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This is all things considered i'm also chang and i'm ari shapiro at the un general assembly in new york this morning president trump's top economic advisor met with international leaders to discuss climate change gary cohn reportedly told people at the meeting that the us still plans to withdraw from the largest global climate agreement in history holocaust heroes the climate program director at the world resources institute and joins us now from un headquarters in new york welcome thank you for her having there were some reports of the weekend that the us might stay in the paris climate agreements based on what took place this morning it sounds like that is not the case what can you tell us mark i can tell you what i think it's clear from since november were getting very mixed signals from this administration on climate change and honor many other issue on it also very well known that there are a diversity of you you'd better within the administration so i really think that this sort of part for the courts are not anything to be surprised about there's mixed signals suggest that there is an opening for the us to stay in the steel well go away i read it is the fact that there uh the fbi's ongoing com rotation the fact that they are engaging and i think that's a positive fine i think that we're trying to read too much in terms of trying to find an absolute certainty and i actually and i think that this is a you know surge a that would like to share with you i think we have to stop trying to find the definitive answer of exactly how we'll play out because the more we crowds or a definitive answer the more we force the administration to come out with opposition strongly reaffirming what they said at the beginning when president trump announced back in june that he planned to withdraw from the paris agreement he said the us would try to negotiate better terms as best you can tell house the trump administration started any effort to renegotiate as best i can tell no world leaders have been very clear monsur today and over the weekend but at the g seven g twenty meeting prepared does not open for renegotiation this is a treaty that tough car in agreement.

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