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Jtc started it started in the workplace meeting needs of co workers and there's a lot of people who have my job that don't even know They just know. Jc is on the move. But they don't know that it originated at the job place. Wow wow that is so awesome this this just brings to mind it. The ministry doesn't just start in a church building. Ministry starts at home you know. Obviously all we're all were solid married and rockin but ministry doesn't necessarily have to be in a church building. Our our jobs are to get outside of the building. And i love the whole concept of just joined the conversation so with that being said join the conversation today and put some comments in the chat stream. Share this out because it's all about the conversation me and is set up for hours just talking. You know what i'm saying and so with that being said lady. Jaye the queen of jt see. Where were you at in all of this. How did juicy transpire. Obviously just because of the solidness that i know of you you were there to support your husband but then you also got grafted in like you know what this how. Where were you at at at those moments saying we gotta take this thing to the next level yes well after seeing a knee on the strong need out there for the man. I'm thinking well. Excuse me these men you know they have all these issues and all these And problems going on. About where they stemming from who's involved and most of these men were married like okay well. They're not in a relationship by themselves. There's another half right. Which is the woman got trend. So and there goes the family that children and so i said okay We need to not just focus on the man that we need to woo real these women and children in in into the game and because you have to focus on the whole family you know you. It's good it's awesome that you know My husband was inspired to work with these men. So it's like how can i assist. Well let's talk to the women that see. What can they do to help me to. The man You know what can they do to try to move this relationship out. What things are they doing because it takes to detangle right tango. And so i i. I came up with them. Nicolaides ru room. You just come in. You know you have when you go into the bathroom at restaurants or whatever or or nice hotels. There's a sitting area. It's the lady right. you can relax. yeah. That's the kind of environment that i provided for the ladies relaxed relate. Wow relaxed relate releases. Come into the ladies room just inches. Bet you know right and a lotta times You get.

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