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And today we are talking about architectural stereotypes. Are you excited about this and thought Oh, yeah. I could be more excited for this and the reason why let's just be let's tell everybody cuz we recorded this episode like be honest is the second time we've done this week. We recorded this episode and can I tell you it was magical? I mean, I thought this is our best one and we did it like a month ago only to find out that the audio was total garbage and we gotta do it again. I'm not off the audio just a part of the audio just my audio Andrew sounded like Barry White his Flawless. Yeah. Yes, and I sounded like down here in the bottom of a tin can with a fan blowing on it. So it was yeah it was horrible. I didn't tell you that. I recently got a decommissioned submarine and I set up my recording studio in it. No, I didn't see that part off. Yeah, I know. I don't really put it on Instagram yet. But I think that would be instagram-worthy. You know, it'd be pretty cool. It would be even though nowadays based on how much t i watch, you know, like it was Thursday morning cuz I missed my window to go to sleep and some up for awhile. Does that happen to you? By the way? Oh, yeah all the time. Does it like I go like I could fall asleep at 8:00 at night, but then I wake up at 4 a.m. Or 3 in the morning and I'll be done so I stay up and I'm like I could go to sleep right now and the next thing you know, I've missed my window and I've got like like let's go build a fence. Like I have all this energy and sometimes it's a problem might sort of works in three hour increments. Like if I miss it, I'm up for three more hours. It's midnight and I miss it. Guess what I'm not going to be tired of it until like 3 I get your thoughts it it's not it's no good. So I'm watching a lot of whatever's on T. Cuz my hope is that I started my makes me go to sleep. So I'm not looking for a story off. I'm looking for convenience and I've come to the conclusion that most movies nowadays. If you're on a submarine some terrible is going to happen. There are no like there's Munsters. Happy speaking stories. Yeah. No, there's no happy submarine stories. I think Hollywood I'll take care of that would be like a a musical based under water in a Marine in a yellow submarine any right? Yeah. I guess there already was one. It's been a while..

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