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The same person trippy. Learn while broadcasting live at the AT and T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Here's Murph and MAC on KNB VR six eight. Yeah. We had Darius on. He was real good, man. We're cool dude for real. I told you I saw them at the Fillmore nineteen Ninety-six enjoyable, man. They're the ultimate sort of college nineties band, dude. I remember I don't remember what year it was. But on that note, I remember skit on Saturday Night Live in the late nineties and the skit was a bunch of drunken dudes like crying and singing that song like arm-in-arm like wearing frat house owed, sweaters and all that stuff. Do you remember? That's funny. Does like the David Spade kinda ehre Farley might've been in it. But yeah, you know, he was they were super cool, South Carolina Gamecocks, and they came out of there. And and boom they are off to the races. And it's the twenty fifth anniversary of as he called a crack review because you was a big albums of the ninety s Albro. I mean, I know I mean we had Bonnie Jo looking up yesterday. But I look up. I bet that was millions millions millions and recommend album started to fade a little bit. So like, you go Pearl Jam nirvana never mind. Well, that was a snoop Dogg doggy style who call the chronic all that sector Dray. But in terms, I'll look it up. But I bet I bet a cracker review is baby. Top twenty guests. It's sold. Ten mil. I would guess it's all ten million copies. Which in today's market is unthinkable. Nobody sells ten million anything. But that was that. You're right. That's what people still went to the record store and like physically walked out with a copy. And I'm going to guess he's all about Tim lane. It was everywhere. Okay. Bestselling at the one hundred best. This is according to go by go by Wicca PD guy. Wicky? Can we trust Wicky? Sure. In one thousand nine hundred ninety s the top albums were. Let's see here. Well, they only do year by girls lead. Actually. Yeah. Crack review nineteen ninety-five was sold seven million one thousand nine hundred alone one year. I mean, yes, I'd say residuals probably in that entire decade. And then entire decade. The only other one that passed it was the Titanic soundtrack copes. Yeah. I know you have that on a short leash Atlanta's Morissette's jagged little pill, a monster. Record ready backstreet boys millennium streets back. If.

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