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Are not you know unheard-of on the in human history just unheard of for us born in what the eighties late Seventies. Whatever you know. We've or nineties we. We've we've never experienced that we've always experienced prosperity. There's wars illnesses but it's always somewhere else you know like is a war in Syria. There's a war over there. There's a thing and illness in Africa but there's never anything actually in your home so I think we kind of have that perception that at the beginning it was like. Oh it's in China but it's never gonNA arrive here in any way. The Chinese are dirty rats. The dogs bats. That's why they get it or we don't eat bats. We're not gonNA get it then. Italy gets it and I think the other countries are like well. The Italians are idiots. You know their governments always a mess you know. They're always kissing each other they like. Don't ship eat They're always a we have a better system over here in America and England. So we're not gonna get it and then you get it and then you don't know really know what else to do on nobody else to blame it on you know and I kinda ember re looking at the BBC. The before it hit you know and the there was like this. I think it was like a Norwegian Epidemiologist you know. And he's like very very very very serious. No sense of humor very very logical. And he's like Oh yes of course the UK is going to be hit very bad just like Italy and the and the The journalist is like what do you mean like trust like? It's that's not possible is yes. This is a virus at how viruses act by do not discriminate in any issues like shock. You couldn't believe that we need like talion. We're not Italian again. Hoods wittily and he's just like oh no. This is a virus. It just works this way. You know. It's a law physics. You don't hit you in the same way that it's it's like just the the rays of the sun or.

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