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Oh years going to look like well. It doesn't matter just trying to compete for championship the next two to three years. That's about the size of your window so that's what they're trying to accomplish. They wanna slot all of these deals in and see if they have have room to take care of byron. Jones and jalen smith knicks offseason but i think the jerry jones is just trying to keep this group of players together long enough to be able to compete for a championship windows does open and close in the national football league. I think the dallas cowboys are right in the middle of one and this holdout is changing the time line in terms of how they're going to address the other contracts to addict the other players that they're going to need in order to get the job done all right. We'll dig into this more later in the show but coming up the antonio brown drama officials being over that's next son s. one and you can always took us out on fox channel on sirius x._m. Only run in a second but first open gym basketball ball james harden a move. We've never seen before one footed sidestep three pointer. He said he was working on a new move. This is it we like best score ever. Wow you're gonna trade off into the michael jordan. I the agree you grow their necks. Combat cleveland browns practice beckham junior one handed under the leg big. He's a special i mean that guy is just different this guy's when you walk on the practice field and you know immediately that they're just different than everybody else odell. Beckham junior is one of those guys. There's nothing athletically that he can't do it a high levels. That's awesome stay but we'll see say the gloves stopping. The and god knows the gloves factor in a little bit. That's all i'm saying monday night. Football forty niners broncos emmanuel sanders great catch down the field didn't account but still grab no joe flacco made it a point to get emmanuel sanders involved early they also had a little reverse which he ran and converted for a firsthand look good last night coming off the achilles injury. I'm surprised that he's back this early but he look good more from monday night. Football forty niners kendrick born nice double foot tap for the touchdown town jimmy garoppolo throat at non profit as good as quarterback play for the forty nine. Uh jimmy g. was seeing ghosts little bit pretty teams. Shook racha had something to do with that though yes all right. I'm saying tony brown after jim. Mike mayock back ultimatum apparently is all in is the wideout return to the raiders for a meeting on monday but he's not go of the helmets situation reportedly filing. A new grievance grievance with the league office is most of the drama over has it only just begun always over. It's all kicks and giggles from this point. Do you don't feel has arrived. Voice your tone. It's only just begun. It's not going join to in period. I mean antonio brown. Loves attention witnessed the hot air balloon..

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