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If you get near trees, what if the trees get hit? I'M GONNA. Give you horrible advice I. Don't do Shit I just get my tent. So when there's a lightning storm, we just laying you tent and hyper doesn't hit you. Rally of it is as they blow over. You may be causing and I'm not an expert at this. It's just I have the. If it's my time, it's my time so I just get in and I listened audio book and. It's not there i. That is probably horrible advice, but the reality is my buddy. Audio Book. Would you listen to when you're almost dying from a lightning storm? The crow killer Jeremiah Johnson. Damn Sears Mountain. Man Yeah, yeah that would help to sleep that dude's voice. Helps me go to sleep, so but my buddy. What's I don't know if I can say his name. He's on gay team him and his buddy. This fucking guys get hit with lightning in a spot where we killed a bowl and he texts me, and he said something about this reminded me of I think he got hit with an RPG or something and I'm like we'll do. Are you good? That's a hell of a build up to a story with no finish right? He's got scars where the lightning came out of its. No, that's where it entered in, and it blew the front of his buddies shoe out. What's fucking? They hideout hit him in the back and Blue Buddy shoe off because they hit them both at the same time, and so I would guess they were probably more trained and I was in whatever they did didn't work so anymore. Franken is hunker down and I listen to an audio book. Remmy warned hit with lightning in highschool I remember correctly. I think. He lost his sense of smell. No Shit! Yeah, something wacky like that. Remember that movie with. What was it that big? The big? The actor where the guy gets lightning? He's like six times and he's like. Oh, you've been hit with lightning six times. He's like no sixty six times. Remember that She John Candy yes. The great outdoors. Well. There's a guy that has been hit a record number of times as one CV find that. Was One dude, that for whatever reason they don't know what the dinner stand it, but he's been hit by lightning multiple times. It's not because he's looking for it like he's A. He's particularly attractive to lightning for some strange reason. I think I'm particularly attractive. How many times? Seven Times Good Guy Ranger. Park Yeah Come on man so Roy Cleveland Sullivan. He died in nineteen. ninety-three United States Park Ranger and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Between Nineteen, forty two nineteen, seventy, seven Sullivan was hit by lightning on seven different occasions and survived all of them. I would I would go home and talk to my wife. She she put some food on reminds me of that saying I have if it was raining pussy, you get hit with the Dick. That guy is bad luck. Is Often Times. It's crazy. That doesn't make sense. I I. Don't I just don't worry about it though anymore. Would you say Jamie? Ten time. Odd! Now guys, I'll show you pussy. Put a fucking metal hat on edge. Get desensitized to different things and lightning is definitely one where I just kind of hang out in the Tinton it cooks from the inside out like being in a microwave, he says man sixty one survived being struck by lightning ten times Melvin Roberts made headlines in two thousand eleven for being hit six times in one year, wife cities been struck another four times South Carolina. Man suffered memory, loss, headaches, speech problems, and as nerve damage in his hands and leg like I. Don't I'm so confused. I don't understand why keeps hitting them. Let me see what their guy looks like. He looks guys been hit by lightning ten times. X. Usually it'll blow the into your toes off. Really Yeah, where single lightening strike is made up of several one hundred million volts. What the fuck man! We've been on enlightening strikes where they hit trees close by it just blows. Shrapnel it's pretty wild. House, it not kill people. That's where it exited the to- Oh Jeez Christ's nerve damage in his leg and foot as a result of lightning strikes. might change your I says Roy. Sullivan is the current world record holder. And then he He was seven times that we're talking about. He died in nineteen eighty three by his own hand. Oh No, that's not good. Yeah, you gotta wonder like what's left after you've been hit seven times like your shit must be scrambled I. Don't know man, but those are the things that will probably get you. You know like talking about bears is like the last thing. I worry about lightnings. It's a it's a real problem. Is there a way to get it to hit something else like if you're in your tent, would it hit the tent and not you or would go right through the tent? I think you'd go. Through the ten I saw it hit an old growth tree wants and blow one hundred and eighty foot, tall tree into pieces and I'm like Oh, I did not look appealing, you know. Yeah, that's not uncommon either when you get when you 'cause you. If you have service, you can see where it's going right. Like the the one that passed two years ago, I knew frank was flagged because he was going by me. Literally four hundred yards and I'm watching cloud to ground and I'm like wow, text and frank I'm like dude. Buckle your shit up. It's coming and it went right in front of me and over frank and. Frank so funny! He literally called me. He's like I'm okay. Sir and I'm like. To Go. He's like that was not cool and he had video of its striking. You know all around him, but he said is worth going to go because he's just running into a stormy. You'RE NOT GONNA. Outrun it. What do you do what you supposed to do you suppose to? Depression in hunker down. Is Depression sort of a valley? So Jim I was reading through Roy Sullivan's Wikipedia says he got struck two other times once when he was a kid, but it didn't hurt him, so he didn't claim it. And then another time his wife got struck while he was helping her with the clothes, but he didn't get hurt that time, either so I guess he didn't claim that time. Is He a fucking alien. Like. Why would one guy get hit song? Time I'm trying to read it what why it says but does. There's no reasoning why or anything that's so weird like what about a person's biological makeup? We so different lightning would be attracted to them I. Don't know he's got some serious. Static electricity. Thing is like with. you know the more you're out there? Epic Shit happens well I guess you might consider it epic, but I mean the more. He's a Park Ranger, right? That's what I mean. You're out there and then you..

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