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Democrats controlling the house. Vice President Mike Pence swore in new members of the Senate. And members of the house were sworn in a head of an expected vote to elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house CBS news correspondent Caitlin Huey burns relationship between Trump and congress is going to be different now with Nancy Pelosi in charge of one chamber and Democrats in charge of of that at the lower chamber. So the dynamic certainly changes. But the issue is is still how to reopen. The government Louisiana is one of nine states. Reporting a high activity level for flu like illnesses. That's according to CDC's latest US influenza surveillance report LSU health Orleans, infectious disease, specialist Dr Fred Lopez encourages Louisiana residents to get the flu shot now. Remembering that, it takes two weeks for the antibodies developed against the flu virus once you've been vaccinated? So there is a two week window before you're going to be protected. The CDC says four and a half percent of the hospital visits in Louisiana during the Christmas week or because of the flu or flu like illnesses starting this year hospitals are now required to post their prices online. But critics say the federal program say this is the wrong way to go WWL. David Blake reports, you know, economists Walter doubling says they're not really helping at all he says what you see on wine won't be the real charges by worry that this is really going to be exactly the wrong thing to do. Because the bliss prices are completely meaningless. Hospitals since they haven't charged those prices, you know, for several decades, you know, they've kind of gone up and different hospitals. Might charge different lists prizes. Playing says if you have insurance it might be best to go through your insurer. First to get a better handle on what the procedure will really cost. And also what you'll pay after the insurance coverage. Police say two people were found dead in a running car inside a New Orleans east garage early this morning, according to NOP officers responded to a home on briar health drive after midnight. They found Marcus Willis junior and his girlfriend Markacia dead inside the car investigators are checking on the cause of death or for both u s highway eleven bridge between Slidell into Orleans will be shut down to traffic starting today. Running through April eighteenth department of transportation spokesman Rodney Millette says the nearly one hundred year old structure is facing new age electrical problems had offered puts commute. On their way to and from the north shore and New Orleans east in a bit of a bind bridge has gotten older. And we see this happening a lot with a lot of our infrastructure. That's getting older the bridge would get stuck open, and it would back up traffic forever. Became kind of unreliable the repairs for the bridge will cost twenty eight billion dollars rough morning so far on Wall Street where the Dow fell six hundred fifty points earlier right after the opening bell CBS news update, Wall Street wall apple stock down almost nine percent today after signing disappointing iphone sales warning of a revenue drop in blaming weakness in China, Kevin Hassett, chairman of the president's council of economic advisers says US pressure is working on Beijing. We've got them to the table now,.

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