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Com. Just like Anton did Anton Anton love the show belated, congratulations on five hundred episodes. Thanks as the year comes to a close and you start thinking about game of the year nominees. Do you consider excess ability to the game for the gaming community in your decision last breath? The wild one game of the year, and it's a conflicts -clusive. This year's contenders include red Deborah sin to God of war under tale CRC and Spiderman some of these are conflict schools or aren't available yet under tail shit. I don't know. I didn't come out this year. It came out on switch. Yes. For this year should the game of the year. Also be available to the most amount of gamers. Yeah. It's not part of our consideration. It is we try really really hard to make sure the staff gets access stole. Sure. But that's a different. So just be like that's a super eel. It's more of a concern around three or under a lot of time pressure. Like a game of three award often ends up being a mix of the game that the most people got a chance to sort of experience and the highest quality game of the year. We try really really hard. We understand what our game of the year nominees are to make sure that everyone gets time and exposure to all the nominees. Yeah. But no not. But we're not blinking. Well, this game is an exclusive and this one isn't. So the crossbar form game has prior higher priority. Like, no, you know, there are I think about like using human psychology. You could totally have a better chance of getting a game of the year nomination. If you put your game in the summer and press like a bunch of copies because so many more people play it and have memories with. I don't know like you shouldn't game the system that way. But and nobody. He does. Yeah. Like, it's possible. That's I mean, that's the real truth is does game of the year. Always go to the absolute best game released that year. Like, we do our best to play and have champions for everything. I'm gonna give you an example. I haven't played a thrown breaker yet. I'm going to because I love card games and love which is like, you know, I'm gonna find a free weekend dive into it. But like maybe that is absolutely the best game out this year. But like having like Tom shouted about it and convinced enough people to try it yet. And I and I'm willing that example out of my hat like you could find some other game that like, you know, maybe just we haven't gotten, you know, in the hands of dozens of people yet to really realize how amazing it is. I you know, when I ran game of the year that used to keep you up at night the root of that is that it's it's it's a vote, and we do it democratically. And obviously that waits it towards things that people played more. There's nothing like secretive or corrupt about that. That's like if more people play a game. That's always happens with racing right? Everybody plays. Mario kart. So we have to be really careful about choosing a racing game, democratically biting games, people play games or have you?.

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