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Company you know mechanics and keep it separate and i tell i tell him i said look i can't go i'm not who mesh california like i found so when i really like them i'm staying i'm happy again like you know he'd come full circle get california crushed just a story that's what what if one of my favorite mind i was it he's just cash the czechs pete just just the czech check your the exact frazier was you know he's petes freaking out religious cash to check but this is the second i am painting a to that anybody and why so here's and western since a lot of the shooting in the show his phone calls yep actually once in my characters in a lakers newark and i have read time and time again that there were no slouches and so any time there was a phone call seen even if the actor was not going to be on camera that they out all yes they were in the room everywhere on the other side everyone showed everyone showed up and now and like a rare exception where someone and you know at the bit but ninety nine percent of the time yeah it was like you're on the coach yeah you were expected to be that so you want to be there that was one of the shows was the only shot every then or people came early in stayed late people can other days off out are based camp was the most amazing thing that i don't i would love to reproduce it but it had to do with the people they puertas when dak for the coverage he'd lambs in the winter and we had a table this really long the table where we had dominoes in created dj and we played heads up the game habs out for we we would and no one wanted her trailer so we sat at the table and we would rush to get back to the game we're playing so finish a scene and everyone would run back to the table to finish are dominoes again yeah that's fantastic when a week long cringe marathon for points in money how yeah it was like we just had fun people would come.

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