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Weather on the AIDS Low Day deal, Dine Hillary on the Beltway in Montgomery County, near the four corners. Silver spring exits slow traffic Police activity outer loop near Coolsville Road on the shoulder, but it's enough to generate some rubbernecking, and that's the focal point for delays on both loops here in Montgomery County, Prince George's County out of Rampart Central Avenue truck crash in the far right side of the ramp, all ramps and Lane's rope on for 95 despite the slowdowns In Maryland to 70 North bound remaining slow past father Hurley Boulevard in 1 21 The remains of an accident on the shoulder near the weigh station doesn't take too much too slow traffic down in the two lines Stretch North Clarksburg. There's obviously something entertaining there, or at least was at one point South bound. No delays on to 70 leaving Frederick 95. It's fine between college Park in Baltimore. 50 clear sailing eastbound from buoy. Toward the Bay Bridge in Virginia, 66. Nothing unusual between the Beltway and Centre of Hill through the long term work zone. Slow as usual eastbound east of 1 23 toward the narrowed stretch 95 South found heavy from Lord into the Occoquan. No Southdown. Delays in Stafford North found minor slowdown across the Rappahannock and through the work zone. You're 17 with the distraction of a crash on the right shoulder. Independent Hill North bound to 34. Don't freeze road near medieval road traffic was at one point held by crash response and in the district outbound on South Capitol Street at the Anacostia River in the Douglas Bridge, the work zone, slow traffic past Nationals Park and only a single file. Getting by towards Suitland Parkway and 2 95 Dave Tilden. W T o P traffic and here's Lauren Rickets. Lots of sunshine today and we are dry as temperatures continue to rise into the mid to upper nineties. As we go.

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