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Right in as promise for those of you who stuck around to the end here. I am once again. Joined by Roelof get an update on how he and Karen in. The family are weathering the storm of the corona virus which has swept the nation. Since the last time we spoke. Matt thank you once again for joining me here and please hit the listeners but a little update on how you guys are doing well. Thank you again Alex. For having me I appreciate you checking in with me to make sure everybody in our family is safe and healthy. So far carrying and I are down here in Arizona. Home sequestered we're sheltering in place while we all the the guidelines that they've put out and we're not going out at all we're just really staying in and so the family Up in Oregon is all doing very well. We're doing a lot of faith timing and making sure we're checking in with them multiple times every day and everybody is Following the rules and and kind of keeping themselves and We all have enough supplies. So we're GONNA stay here in Oregon until we're allowed to go home and then we'll we'll try to work our way back to the farm. We cancelled some social events. We've had down here so that we can Day by ourselves but kids are saved by. Just worried about you. Know all the folks in a world that are less fortunate and That are sick and ill and hoping every wishing everybody the very very best and and just wishing everybody to be well and stay safe. Yeah well said that one of the best we can use right now with some fresh episodes of little people. Big World to kind of help Take US away from the news. That's been just overrun by news of the corona virus. Or are you guys still on course here you still scheduled to drop the new episodes starting? March thirty first. Welcome won't be here. So far is on the phone. I was on the phone with the producers Last week and it sounds like everything is still on. Course we were. Fortunately we were in a three week. Hiatus when all this kind of went down and so We were taking a break and we just had a few final touches to put on a few episodes so From what we hear everything is the premier is going to go forward. And we'll may do those Bala finishing touches from audio by Tsar. Or what have you but so far? It all looks good but you know anything can change. It's a very fluid situation out there as everybody knows But we're looking forward to You know coming into your living room so you don't have to go out. You could say put them and watch the Roloff family and get an update on how we're doing in the farm and everybody in the family also Matt and I can't wait to check those out myself. It's been such an honor to have you back here on the podcast. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you guys stay safe. Stay healthy out there and I hope to have you back on the podcast once again next year. Thank you Alex you to stay. Put their family as well Back to clothes things out here on I last fatherhood I gotta give a special. Thank you once again. Matt Roloff giving me a few minutes of his time here. It was an honor to have a back on the podcast please. It'll be up on twitter on instagram. Let me talk about today's episode. I always love to hear your feedback lock in Wednesday. The season seven winner of the voice. Craig Wayne Boyd will be here and Friday.

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