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Sometimes people have heard this phrase several times especi- people who work in trauma. They say if i start crying i'll never be able to stop and one way to combat that unhealthy it's pathological but an unhealthy way to come. That is toxic positively. I'm just going to ignore anything. Negative and we'll just continue to. We'll repeat those phrases that we see on bathroom walls in on pillows right there crocheted on those little signs and bathroom walls not on the author. Most but we don't have time for this but Next time we're together on the ramsey show. I think we might breakdown toxic. How do we know if it's toxic or something. Because i'm afraid this word getting worn out of control between that's not great versus toxic talks. I go allah touch that batman like batman movie where you fell in the toxics live and die versus. That's a great net people have crapper. I'm uncomfortable. I don't know you got to be careful that word. I'm with you pause the next time you wanna say toxic clause and go gonna melt to die could start there. This is what you've come to the raves. Show for right there that kind of death dope for coming right back Welcome back america. You're joining the conversation here on the ramsey show. I'm ken coleman joined by my colleague. Dr john baloney thrilled. That you with us triple eight eight to five five. Two two five..

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