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The show for sports radio and again we talk about the day night doubleheader that Sean McCollum's got to play does the Vegas take in the morning and then Steve Sanchez show Katie shows well sports X. radio on the NHS so very dedicated young man Sean McComb lot of talent there as well I really enjoyed hang out with you on today will get with Danny just a little bit let's go to our corona virus update just wanna keep tabs on all the stuff is were rolling on through now as far as across the world this is about three hours ago they concluded numbers for the prior day when the USA I think it might have been the worst day over all total does now for the USA eighteen thousand seven forty seven over two thousand yesterday so you know and that's in the and then again a twenty four hour number comes in and say runs about I don't know about three four hours behind us forces they conclude today so that's for yesterday and they'll conclude I believe in that you know about three hours and then they'll get those numbers are sometime later tomorrow and that'll be out for today on Good Friday two thousand thirty five and total deaths right now eighteen thousand seven forty seven why it's when you look at that's catastrophic but remember now remember as far as you know the flu epidemic which has every single year we know that and between twenty nine I think it's between twenty thousand and sixty nine thousand over you know what the last bunch of years the last couple decades I mean that's it about the average that we get now that's a big margin there you know of forty nine thousand between twenty sixteen but we've you know we've grown accustomed to that you know looking at the stats so here you know corona virus right now eighteen thousand seven forty seven but we know there's a lot more coming our way more than likely based on the courage that we're seeing in some of the state's not hitting these higher numbers now there is a word that potentially on the west coast including California that maybe they were able to get to a lot of this stuff ahead of the curve there's also maybe there's a a lesser strain that's out the west coast maybe the overall warmer weather that is there on the west coast you know has help there's a lot of different variables going into play here so we'll wait and see how things pan out the first things first pers with everybody I gotta tell you straight up this is yet it's an unprecedented time it is a very tough time we change our lives complete one eighty two worlds and we're living a life that we never anticipated living you know instead of me just finishing up March madness with the championship game this past Monday and you know now striving to get into you know watching a little baseball and baseball I don't handicap I really like kind of relax and I'll pay attention but I don't follow it all but right now would be you know to where the Vegas golden knights would be striving for getting ready for playoffs in in in in Western Conference championship to get back to the Stanley Cup finals like they did against Washington a couple years back I really think the you know acquisition of letter the goaltender from the Chicago Blackhawks so we'll get a take from Danny Burke in just a second I really thought that helps solidify Vegas is maybe one of the top five teams in the NHL with a shot to win the Cup now many chose a different animal you can get a hot goaltender on any one of the sixteen teams it makes the postseason that can give them a run and they can you know even when the whole thing we saw Kelly Rudy do it with the kings you know and of course then you get into he Chicago Blackhawks one in three cups in a short span of time but you know that will get into as well a real quick one to you know just look at these numbers a little further so we talked about the United States over two thousand as we look and we go right into the the United States where they break it down again you can go to world leaders dot info for these numbers by New York you know this would be a great number in Vegas but it's not a great numbers for his new desk seven seventy seven in the last twenty four hours for New York as of a few hours ago I nearly eight thousand deaths so far in your state New York City through the five boroughs Jersey just under two thousand two hundred thirty two dozen other tough day for Michigan Michiganders two oh five as far as total deaths we did see some deaths declined California only twenty five when I say only I mean it is of course any any death toll is not good you know it could be somebody you know somebody's mom somebody's dead somebody's in Arunachal you know somebody's brother and sister in so you know so it's tough especially around holiday times but California for them to only have twenty five when they've already peaked above that it showing that maybe just maybe the Golden State they jumped on closing a lot of stuff down early and especially in northern California before so cal that maybe they are ahead of the curve you receive Massachusetts number start to grow Pennsylvania as well in Delaware as well so we'll keep an eye on those in Nevada also toughest day twenty two deaths here in Nevada putting it out over a hundred Arizona eight there at ninety seven Wisconsin at seventeen so they're up to one twenty and I mention that because my wife Christine is from Wisconsin so we'll keep an eye on these overall numbers never pleasant in a report them but I'm thinking that you know we're seeing less and less cases as for his hospital cases starting there in New York in New Jersey so if those can start declining and we can get those numbers to decline in Michigan we've seen the numbers as far as people going into the emergency and to hospitals in Louisiana style slow down a little bit we think a lot of that could come from Mardi Gras but we are seeing the number spike up now in Pennsylvania Massachusetts and also I believe Delaware was another one that was a hot spot that they were low anticipating that they just had the nine deaths in the last twenty four hours but we notice a small little stay there up to thirty two but somebody said there were a lot more people as far as new cases for Delaware so we'll keep an eye on that and hopefully over the Easter weekend we can get these numbers going lower and lower and all in the right direction so answers it's the grim news but again it's unprecedented times it is what it is on this Good Friday we reported accurately and we are a live show nine thirteen right now Pacific time Ken Thompson producer Sean McCall on here at the helm kiedy W. and one a one point five on the F. M. seven twenty one AM and we welcome and a good power mine can follow him on Twitter at Danny Bourque five B. U. R. K. E. as a young man that moved out here I also hails from the windy city of Chicago like my last guest check out all but Danny of course did his college work over there in Lincoln Nebraska big red baby and did you how did you end up by first off welcome to sports X. ray always great to have you in for you folks who don't know Danny after you moved out here you know he used to hang with us over its diners he was one of the guys use you know we love looking forward to seeing Danny Burke all of a sudden guy gets hired at VC and we never see the guy you know it's just a you know it's too big for us you know we we we introduce some target Powhatan by all the time he was working there next thing you know those guys are a couple of the I don't know if their generation Z. I think their generation Z. I don't think they're millennials but they do and all of a sudden they you know they start hanging out next thing they don't hang with the old fours and Katie we don't see him at Steiner's anymore really disappointed in you Burke I think I I waited till I got you on the air to really you know let's have it hold where it's located the a pleasure to be back out thanks for let you come back out at no it's nothing like that I couldn't take where you stand up without you you're just going to tell you know I had I couldn't I couldn't stand it gloating about it that was really cool there you go of course the reduce of factor does come into play now your big cubs guy Chicago bill southside or white Sox guide him in his wife Joanne how about they just celebrated their fifty sixth wedding anniversary DB wow that's amazing yeah congrats them always love talking to them and yet have you bill bill and I would always go back and forth with the cubs and the Sox and look I mean you know its baseball fans obviously composer with everything going on right now specifically if you're a soccer fan because they had one of the most exciting offseasons in recent memory for the on the other side the whole after scandal they were really the talk of the major leagues up until this point so I have a lot of work for two and a half little bit scared not just obviously you know going head to head with the company stocks just that you know the stock might end up being the number one baseball game in Chicago within the next few years potential you're right though there was the old hazardous duty pay as we talk about it you know my buddy Sean McCollum he's got to work the Vegas stake in the morning so that you know Kate on busy broadcasting they have to shell out the extra money because he's got to deal with Shapiro well you know when you head into Steiner seventeen fifteen north buffalo one of three in the Vegas valley to Serbia on Wednesday night there is the reclusive factor in a wave Larry reduces there you should be entitled to hazardous duty pay there's no question well it's out loud right here you go great stuff but we do miss that great food and and and hanging out now you did a real nice job over there and fees and then you got there and you did some B. I. you know production work and whatnot but you know I knew you were talented as far as somebody that can hold your own on the air you just needed you know to you know where you were at and you know you filled in you and Tommy did a nice job of several times over here on sports talk radio and you were always you know pretty comfortable you got some pretty good training over there in Nebraska did you not or where do you know what do they do is that is that was at your major communications yeah it was in town of course you know appreciate the kind words and definitely a lot of help you got me to that path and then linked up with rob like you mentioned as well but you know really the start of the Kirby I mean just going back to the young as I can remember being a Die Hard sports fan and I always wanted to get involved and you know knowing that the change would be doing it professionally at a young age was a realistic I still played it up until now I'm still playing sports course but you know I I did just love the broadcasting aspect of it and I was always just kind of doing the play by play and just know how to play video games are correct that I wish you can start by playing baseball whatever it was I was just kind of Josh rounded you the play by play in that defaulted to the you know getting in high school and at our high school in my high school middle going on tonight the exact they had a classical each TV which was like our husky television are mapped out.

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