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There. Any kind of ood people tomorrow would go. We'll talk more. We're because we need see we. The people need to speak up so the government or the politicians go no say now we had to put near fire so we not take more calls again. Make me take business news for the day open interest in business news and we get what else time. Time time time. Because of time. I get him. We get the woman Make stick swollen say For business news today when nineteen to january twenty twenty. One is all your price. Don't drop with more than two percent over covid nineteen mata see even people windy police demand for the new degree commodity game for whether for the not so demata kombi now but dominque that is this present grinnell virus issue. Don't finally relieved reveal the he deem of wendy inside japan. No no no. We will office grief from this poor for here but finally for japan. They don't finally see. See it'd be like say demata get the much well gets once more graph windfall news when i suppose take with belie a. Technically the graph novi komo won't pass in people won't go protests when go protests violated city mata the protests go for caffeine cha for his kadewe nostitz. The people lee protest the talks. They are disciplined mata get us the bill. We pay bill. We know they use. I see light nine. The fosamax wendy around the first moment when they can shoot the passing ninety the concert one of the protesters medically bureaus them to go hospital. And nigeria. don't release ten billion naira to produce local covid nineteen vasan a governor or coa of data states. Don't finally attracts four hundred. Forty million dollars manufacturing fem to delta on when you have when you do the calculation on fifteen point two billion naira project to take. Michaud said they talk to get light. Were but if other news wendy refer interesting because they'd be precedent on advice from twenty twenty one budget go us three point billion naira for feeding traveling for twenty twenty one and when you check out traveling for the president now. Several hundred santen several points on million naira several hundred something million neda. Why international traveling take one point four. I mean one point several billion to take komo for this country go places way boots defending and the defeating traveling of the present. The vice president will take about eight hundred and seventy million well graf win for lower a new one for really do popeye volition. Because of time we know if he entered the ability no country. I knew who come on donating okay because because we know if you take okay. Yeah people money. Okay it today. Tom com does we got some. Don't drop bets usdallas. They for four hundred and seventy one era and you mean you buy for seventy one and sell for four hundred seventy five so for those. Wendy says gain the pasta. Lean six hundred thirty five yourself or cicero. Forty two euro. You decide you defeat by for five hundred to why you dollar selling for five hundred. Eighty the way two republican community. You'll see coming in your. Cfe says sixty eight metre to buy and civil rights too narrow to say Banana republic around fourteen to buy. And it'll roses five era to say giannis yuan sixteen to buy and salvatore to sail but Gonna ganja cd seventy two zero two by eighty two narrow tabby today. Okay us for foreign rights as twenty seven thousand. why robaina one thousand five hundred cope. No one forty nine race not twenty two thousand nara rubber now one thousand two hundred hundred nra. Beans don't go. I don't know why we'll look at beans and white beans not to five thousand nine hundred ninety eight scenario brand beans now forty two thousand era rubber now one thousand one hundred where copa hundred narrow or below. Don't comments new or below. Seven thousand six hundred opelousas thousand call five hundred era. Melania for one hour several hundred four hundred along cop fifteen era. why malaysia for one thousand two hundred cop on grandma all year depot. Eleven thousand eight hundred while foley and retail and five on grade red. Oil differ twenty two thousand era while four liter depot. Three thousand five hundred. Gary not ten thousand eight hundred wildland land in one thousand nine hundred and the markets walker for the week justice. Still talk to a people. Say we don't talk says will not here with you. We don't talk now. What pepsico komo. I do passer today. Now we talk to our lead we're gonna knock for the right tools opposed to do medical focus on your wrong things. If not was method one sport was discontinued to cry. But mccoo focus on the writing. My name is sandra my people mic. We plan states by station. Okay utterly local governments and state seductive in the contractor outside coronavirus. If we use. I'm calling for take the whole or that issues. The we take the country wrong goofy was wrong. So we push you all the way. So might begbie say mic with no look witty you be gogo make dust. People i say problem combat the majority to pursue. I won't beg will now just would not get back with us. It focused on the right to get country rights and the states. Right my name. Ideal marco at this month. Remember to tell you. It's not just remember something you know. We'll go talk say there's no smoke without fire sometimes ninety smoke niagara this e mail. Why inaugu focus on the fire right. Now we're focused on on something else may get acting wave when the mall.

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