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Said Kenny Ron Meyer here all the time I don show a lot more to update you on some school issues we're gonna hear from ma the Texas education agency here in just a bit about the possibility of closing some schools in the event of covert nineteen we're getting word out of North Texas the school district has made some chance hada Alva Rado I. S. D. is is closing schools yeah that's that's that's north north of Waco south of the metroplex as they say parent of one of the children in the district and tested positive for the virus so right shutting them down there you go that's so that was just announced it's pretty interesting let's see let's squeeze in Christian he's up in lander Hey Chris good morning eight morning I'm wondering if it does travel travel banners including Mexico or Canada or how that might affect us here no it does not affect Canada or Mexico just European nations except for the U. K. got it yeah that's it thank you there you go there you go that's so that's going to affect a lot of people are coming from some of those hot zones there's a very few cases in Mexico by the way I was waiting for president trump last night say by the way were close in the southern border he didn't do that yeah so while they say there's there's there's there's very few cases out of Mexico I don't trust some of the numbers you know what I mean well they probably not had a lot of testing down there right absolutely figure yeah but despite concerns over the spread of the corona virus school districts in central Texas they have not cancel classes some have canceled travel the a ISD has canceled some travel with the Texas education agency pointing out how to do so can be very tough and for those that are economically disadvantaged here's a concern this morning yeah the T. A.'s Mike Morath he testified before a Texas house committee on public health yesterday as state lawmakers were briefed on the current corona situation this year Hey I. Esty provides free lunches to almost thirty three thousand students for more than forty percent the numbers almost sixteen thousand students in more than thirty percent in Round Rock in Hays CISD more than ten thousand students making up.

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