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Going to really protect the people that we're gonna need to close down all together, the owner, Barefoot studio, Briana aren't placed markers on the floors for social distancing and even installed Plexi glass to separate the yoga instructor from the clients. What makes this seems like Carrier scenario, Then you know, coming together as a group and dining together at a small table as opposed to separated six feet apart, and nobody takes their mask off until they're settled down on their math, Christy, But you know that I mean, it's None of it makes sense. None of it makes sense. Mark. Thanks for hanging on. Welcome to knsd. Mark. We lose Mark. Mark you there. Hold a long time. I want to leave marks there and let her go. It's gonna Richard. Richard, Welcome to can s t Hi. Hey, Gary. How you doing? All right, what's happening? Well, not a whole lot. I wanted Teo make a couple of comments and when regards to what you're talking about a ce faras, you know, you know, kids going back to school and everything. So I have two kids that you know what? 10 you know, school here in Tucson. Ah school district on DH. The thing is, you know, these kids have been out of school since you know what they got released for spring break back in March 13th. Yeah. I mean, it's been out. It will be five months by the time school starts that he goes back to school. It's crazy. Exactly, you know, And the thing is, you know what I mean. But yet Tucson Unified School District keeps sending me emails several times a day to Ah, register your kid register your kid, you know, and it's being alone. You know, it's crazy. I mean, what it's doing. I mean, they have to take into consideration the psychological effect that it's having on these kids for being, you know, well. You know, locked down for all you know, this time and everything else, you know, And it's you know, it's been worried about, you know, getting their funding by having your kid.

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