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Well i realized that i didn't have would it took to evolve the product i wasn't good enough my i didn't have the skill set so i decided i needed a mentor or somebody to to to help show me that so then i looked and looked and in silicon valley i found i found a guy we started off his mentor mentally because he had built a company just like mine bigger exited all that stuff that it may then he started advising me on the product and eventually to cut a long story short he came in got awarded equity and and became he's now my chief medical officer which is a fancy word for head of product development for healthcare company like mine and he's the one that actually took all those notes and we built this prototype in this thing called sure and member spending spending many many nights with them returned out this prototype of what the product could look like and then we decided while the should be cloudbased because before was client server we riddance it was installed at every single hospital all over the place allows other journey oh good god right i forget about how life was so much different sixteen years ago yeah you'd have to go and install it into server room next to the eight air conditioning units and everything else so we have to migrate the whole thing to amazon web services this is says send giant kumar looking him up to get a sense of who he is yep yet that's thing that i like about your site is he make it really easy to get to know the people behind the company like you have your own interview on the site with everyone within the company they're centers votto clear description all right.

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