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I think that's kind of a technicality. The way to do this, Breyer is going to be in Foxborough this season. He's going to be a patriot this season one way or another. So I don't necessarily think that that discussion is really to be had. The whole coaching thing though, I think that people don't realize, first of all, number one, how much of a pay cut that is to go from backup quarterback player to coach is definitely something that is a huge like tenfold. Yeah. It's also something that is a huge time commitment to go from a player to a coach. Coaches, I don't think people realize sometimes how much coaches work, especially assistant coaches that are grinding tape and padding and coming up with all these game plans and things like that and scouting opponents. They're there 24/7 around the clock, especially during the season. So that's quite the time commitment for somebody like Brian Hoyer too. So he's got, he's got the best of both worlds. He's got the paycheck and he's got the player schedule to throw that all away to be a coach. I think that they're literally going to have to tell him and I mean all 32 teams are literally going to have to tell Brian Hoyer. There is no place for you on an NFL roster anymore before we get to the point where he's thinking about coaching. And at the same time for the Patriots, there's then limitations on how much time Brian Hoyer can spend with Mac Jones working with him that don't exist when they're teammates. So outside of the roster, de Ross was spot is the only reason that the patriot that it would incentivize the Patriots to make Brian Hoyer a coach and there is no reason for Brian Hoyer to want to be a coach if the team will still have him as a player. There's none. So there's also, I mean, on top of everything you said, he might have already hit the top threshold. He might be another year or two in terms of pension, you know, years in the league tied into that. What do you get in terms of health insurance after he retires? He's not, he's not just going to be like, yeah, I'll be a coach that's fine. That's not how anything works. Yeah, absolutely. So Jared Stidham in a very similar position as Nikhil Harry honestly in terms of he's got no trade value. He's probably got very little value on the roster, but it wouldn't completely shock me if they carry all four guys. I think that they might see that with chocolate. Yeah. It's something to do with numbers why. So I hear you. But go ahead. At that point. Yeah. What's the benefit? What is instead of giving you this? I guess I go back to, I go back to the 2001 patriot quarterback room and obviously drew blood. So it was on that team and Brady. So 2002, you have, you know, they've had numbers back then. Back then, you were able to carry an extra quarterback that didn't count against your roster. Okay, that's a fair point. So if Jared didn't count him against the roster, I'm.

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