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Back to dot net rocks. This is carl franklin. And this is richard gamble and we recording this. What's today the twenty second twenty second co so. We've been to devon section in back we have it was. It was kinda weird wasn't it. It was a strange. I told you knew but i got really emotional onstage. I was surprised how much it affected me. Yeah i've never seen you thanked the audience for coming four times in a row and almost crowd. Yeah well we made a show. I think we were one of the first to do it in person. show In post in this this almost post pandemic time he saw so ready for it to. Yeah i'm with the speakers. Were super excited. The ten were really interesting. You know it was a real interesting mix of people. Everyone was very kind to each other. We kept. We wore masks in the hallways. We had the rooms faced out properly. Look lots of little details to make everything work. But i'm still in quarantine. I came back into canada. And i'm acquired a quarantine for fourteen days and i don't know how. Us laws work. But if i went to canada for a conference would i have to quarantine. You probably know more about this than do. I'd probably have yeah. I don't know that you could get in at all. They're pretty restrictive radio and be. Yes you would you'd have to quarantine for fourteen years and you know. Yeah an independent. The big debate right now is vaccinations right. Does that fully vaccinated. People should be able to cross the problem. Is that different countries recognize different vaccines and so an example of this is the fda has not given emergency approval to the astra zeneca vaccine yet. They're not using it. In the united states our view the are in the uk and canada. But we're franks into use it very american thing but at any more. Interestingly here in canada we are mixing vaccines. So i've got one dose of astra janika and one dose of pfizer. That's interesting right. And that's considered vaccinated in canada but think it'd be considered vaccinating a lot of other countries so this is the complexity were now going to face with. I have some vaccine of astra zeneca. I'm one of jin. Well if jin counts vaccinated a lot lately and well. That was the voice of dan. North our guest and we're going to talk to him in a few minutes but first let's get started with a little thing. We call better know a framework awesome..

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