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To know which one of them is gonna put in the work commensurate of being the number one pick and to be a good citizen in your organization that's why i say that i don't need danny aims to be able to break down the personality of five through thirteen but i need him to know the personality of one through five because i think that's important considering the standard that dave hold them help themselves to on who they do and don't bring into this organisation yeah i don't disagree with any of that i'm just more saying i guess i would find it hard to believe that he doesn't know all those things or have access that information about pretty much everyone that's available in this draft paper that the two guys that people danny ainge fans are never shut up about our glenn davis and ryan gums course and i can tell you for those examples i knew as a college basketball junkie and you'd have to its assume that at least one of them work in all of course rice i know everything about glenn davis ed ryan gums but did you know the glenn davis was going to be literally big baby in that's part of the reason why the guy left because he was known as baby shack before he was ever big baby so there you go i know that he was something of a character before but the personality like i i would have thought the glenn big baby davis at some point would've said all the good team i want a winning team i'm going to get a decent contract i'm a second round guy who's going to have a chance to make some really good money in the nba but no i think i'm shaquille o'neal and i'm going to tell everyone that so maybe there was a whiff there in terms of the the personality thing here's what danny ainge does do and i still do believe they do this in boston.

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