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Hello my friends Dennis Prager here I want to hear about your situation is that the that's a big factor in my thinking and should be in the country's thinking the president has actually said that to great applause and great the program that is the year of the question that I oppose from the beginning is the cure worth it is it worse than the disease I just want to remind you of the numbers of people found with it it is a relatively insignificant statistic however many people that they say have been the the swine flu with ten years ago twenty thirty million but the the the deaths were kept to a very small number but the issue with seriousness of being affected and god forbid death that's the question closing a society down this is never been done C. doctors know what to do but we have to decide whether to do it that is the reason as I pointed out almost every day thus far the commander in chief of the armed forces is the president as a civilian the final decisions have to be made by the cold non experts you take you take their advice and then you do what you believe is the right thing to do what what see nobody has told me this is this is what I don't I truly don't understand we are going to ruin the economy of this country M. of the west and therefore of the world we are going to put millions of people out of work we are going to destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses until when we were never given never right S. C. S. if I could speak to two Dr Fauci that's what I would ask I I would have a whole series of questions that should be asked him not not doctor challenges just to understand the issue better I want to know Dr if you don't have a number when if the if the number of dead Americans from this disease does not reach the following number we must allow the economy to function and keep the high risk people self isolated and the people who were positive self isolated but but I want a number you can't just say it's going up all numbers go up and especially go up if more people were tested so the American people are left not knowing when this will end not only when will the virus and when will the the quarantine and at what number I mean if we if we keep doubling every week M. and it's just getting worse and worse is one thing and even then I need to know well at is a hundred thousand a reasoned I mean this is how you have to think this is a mature people have to think is it worth the destruction of the economy and what it does to people's lives not a monetary question it's a human question what it does to people's lives is it worth it if a hundred thousand die and who might have died anyway or sent many of them not all week I don't have any doubt that quarantine saves lives I have no doubt about it I want to read to you this is an amazing piece in the federalist Iran and Italy or paying a hefty price for close ties with communist China if our rethinking of relations with communist China does not it does not take place then nothing will be learned what many people find shocking is that Italy and Iran or the second and third hardest hit nations in this outbreak by any commonsense measure both countries should have much lower numbers of confirmed cases and deaths because they are geographically far from the epicenter of the outbreak China the reason these two countries are suffering the most outside China is mainly due to their close ties with China primarily through the one belt and one road initiative bore OBOR old Boris Beijing's foreign policy play disguised as infrastructure investment we have seen it all over the world everywhere we all over South America we have seen this and Africa correct the Chinese the Chinese area that building there so yeah and and the and the spring in thousands of their own people here's how it works China and country X. agreed to do an infrastructure project in country X. country X. has to borrow from a Chinese bank to finance the project a contract is always awarded to Chinese companies and then which then brings supplies and Chinese employees to country X. to build the project clearly the country that benefits most from this initiative is China at least eight countries that signed on the bore initiative are so indebted to the Chinese that they have to hand over this strategic assets to China to offset their debt Italy's economy has been struggling for two decades listen to the state of Italy it is seeing three recessions in ten years its unemployment rate stood at ten point three percent it's youth unemployment rate in twenty eighteen I want you to guess the youth by the way and this is the oldest country in Europe so you think that would be really easy to get a job if you're young because there were so many so few young people the unemployment rate of youth in Italy in twenty eighteen to thirty three percent one out of three young people in Italy Italy's economic woes are caused by aging industries ruinous regulations especially it's overly rigid labor laws and inefficient banking system high levels of corruption and constant political turmoil from nineteen forty six to twenty sixteen it only had yes the you don't know the answers to guess how many governments in Italy since the the end of the war thirty seven point thirty seven and you and your rex Hailey sixty five thirty seven was a law how many have we had since the war I mean so Truman Eisenhower Nixon X. this is me Eisenhower K. sorry force Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson mix in Ford if Carter Reagan we wait like twelve about twelve we have twelve David sixty five everyone of the sixty five governments hope they could spend their way out of an economic mess Italy's debt burden as a percentage of annual economic activity measured by GDP is at one hundred thirty two percent the second highest in the E. U. only second slightly better than Greeks almost exactly a year ago in March twenty nineteen against warnings from the EU and the United States listen to this it only became the first and only G. seven country to sign on to old poor let's sell our soul for the Chinese Lombardi in Tuscany are the two regions that saw the most Chinese investment nearly a year later the first Wuhan core coronavirus infection case in Italy was reported in the Lombardi region on February twenty one today Italy is experiencing the worst corona virus outbreak outside China and one party is the hardest hit in the region now we ran facing domestic economic and political challenges and international isolation Iran has sought out China as an ally against the United States relying on economic ties and military cooperation with Beijing to fend off U. S. imposed sanctions China has been keeping the Iranian regime afloat by purchasing Iranian oil showing the Iranian regime weapons and transferring nuclear technologies today rami and health officials traced the country's corona virus outbreak to comb or gold the city of a million people according to the Wall Street journal China railway engineering corporation is building a two point seven billion dollar high speed rail through whom Chinese technicians have been helping refurbish a nuclear power plant.

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