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Fair and balanced lindh's new one hundred point five at news talk am thirteen ten with your local wlob update at the top of the hour it's wednesday june twenty verse forecast widely sunny with a slight chance of showers high temperatures up reserve of these the channel eight forecast coming up in a couple of minutes here's what's happening the may legislature passed the bill yesterday that would make it against the law to use a handheld the cell phone or other device while driving attempts to pass a similar bill aimed at curbing distracted driving failed in 2015 the house passed the bill sponsored by senator bill diamond of win them on a vote of eighty five to sixty the senate approved the bill last week inside augusta sources tell wlob israeli richardson the that the look page administration is preparing for a partial shutdown of the state governments that's even as talks continue who between the governor and legislative leaders on striking a budget deal before months land but still richardson says the governor predicts a budget deal will be reached in time avoiding the chaos of a nineteen ninety one closure the governor yesterday signed a bill into law that affirms the rights of cities and towns to regulate local food production that makes manning the second state of evasion do allow consumers to buy directly from farmers and food producers regardless of the state and federal licensing and inspections liquid otherwise apply main this now a leader in the movement that promotes freedom of foods choice for consumers spending on arts and culture and portland increased over the past five years and created new jobs that from a report released yesterday by the group americans for the arts spending by the organization has increased from forty nine million the to seventy five million since the group released its last report in twenty twelve and twenty three hundred seventy two jobs are involved a twenty five year old sabet go woman who faked a cancer diagnosis and accepted thousands of dollars in donations to support treatment pleads not guilty uh today to a felony theft charge hillary macfhloinn appeared briefly in portland's criminal court to enter her played the first time she has answered to the charge since she was indicted in may mcclellan is accused of taking more than ten thousand dollars in fraudulent.

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