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So that was a scene from the room and a scene from the new film the disaster artist james franco welcome back to fresh air thank you so much to her so i know my third time it is the element of but who's counting oh so glad you remember so i think a lot of our listeners know the room but a lot of our listeners don't so i'm going to ask you to describe the room for people who haven't seen at like what's your short versions her the description right okay well first of is a my movie the disaster artist is about the making of the room which is an actual movie it is not the brie larson oscarwinning movie room it's something out as the head how come was written and directed by and stars is manning tommy wiso uh who also financed it at the tune of six million dollars now does not look like it was made for six million dollars looks like has made for about sixty dollars um it came out in two thousand three tommy intended it to be a great drama he wrote on the original poster that it was a tennessee williams level drama it's a very simple story if i told you the plot it's basically tommy cast himself as this guy johnny maybe i should say first the the kind of magic behind the room you know all is due to tommy went so there are three mysteries to tommy where he's from causley saw his son like this in our which which suggests like eastern europe by way of france and trying i don't know maybe dial it.

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