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Way I see the Lakers going this season going to sign somebody they're going to send somebody off of the Bayou Market. Somebody asked me why don't we talk about Schroeder what we kind of talked about him a little bit and he wasn't terrible but he wasn't great tonight just hasn't been shooting the ball all that. Well EK from YouTube said well, Jared Dudley, he is still dealing with a calf strain. So he is not eligible to play right now. He's not active. I'm dealing with that calf injury, so hopefully he'll get back in and healthy at some point. But I mean, he's definitely get healthy at some point, but hopefully sooner rather than later, but right now he is dealing with that injury, so he was not not available for tonight's game. Lone Star from YouTube Ted Cruz Motors at nine minutes going into the fourth quarter not great for his rhythm. Yeah, but this wasn't really a rhythm game because the Lakers suck up so much. This wasn't this game wasn't played with a normal kind of Rhythm or paste to it or anything like that. And so you kind of throw it out in terms of developing them like a lot of the things the Lakers did like say the mistakes they made in the third quarter. You already know that's not who they are. That's not they they made mistakes that they're not going to make in a close game. Because they they had that Thirty point lead. So that's a factor and they they just they smashed the balls right from from the get-go. It was very clear. They were better than this team. So I don't think this was like some huge missed opportunity for Kyle kuzma to gain a rhythm here or anything like that. I don't think this was really a rhythm game. Shaun Tait will shorter get extended. Yes. Yeah, I think that's coming February in February. He can do that. The Lakers will be able to offer him an extension of four-year extension as I would call it somewhere around the 80 million range. I could be worth so don't quote me on that, but that's cuz that's off top of my head. But as I recall, they can't offer them a deal somewhere around there..

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