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And now that we've got more data how does our Macron compare with previous strains We're pretty certain that it's obvious that he's less severe But in terms of deaths can you put some sort of more concrete percentages on that Yes but we haven't got good data on the protection against mortality but we've got good data on the protection against for armor coron or booster vaccines for example against hospitalization is nearly 90% So it's going to be substantially higher than that for deaths and in terms of care And booster rates are good among the most vulnerable population the over 60s And so I think without the boosters we would be in a really really serious situation Because although Amazon is intrinsically milder and it is so much more infectious and it spreads so rapidly through the population that we have been rescued by the boosters This big phrase that transitioned to endemic Can you just sort of compare where we're at now with omicron with perhaps bad winter flu wave Yeah that's interesting because when we look back on this winter it may well look like in terms of excess deaths whatever like a fairly bad flu year One of the good things of course we're not getting any flu this year We got it on none last year Because the measures we're taking are enough it looks like to control food which is pathetically infection infectious compared with armor crom And so I think that I'm not going to say how what we're going to have to slide in there Are we going to live in the future That's not my job And what being endemic even means But I think if we look at the facts this is not looking this winter is not looking like an outlier in terms of that Okay that was our interview with the famed Cambridge statistician to give a view an inside view a detailed view on how this on the ground is shaping up not the implications are We're going to have much more on British politics on Bloomberg Westminster today You and pots will unpack Boris Johnson's PMQ apology with labor MP for blackley and braut and Graham stringer and with Bloomberg opinion economists Therese Raphael you can catch that life at noon UK time or download the podcast later from Apple music or your preferred radio app Okay let's get you up to speed with all the latest global news now with Lee and Garrett Tom good morning and thank you Switzerland is joined Spain and the UK and suggesting that an endemic phase of COVID is now in sight the interior minister says the country is on the cusp of transitioning out of the pandemic Early this week Spain's prime minister Pedro Sanchez called for coronavirus to be treated like flume Now in the U.S. the Centers for Disease Control says almost all teenagers needing ICU for coronavirus are unvaccinated Bloomberg's Ed Baxter has his story The CDC says this bolsters the research that says the Pfizer regimen works in preventing severe disease and teens It has preventing 98% of the ICU visits and 94% of hospitalizations The sample sizes and teens are too small for the CDC to translate it to older populations but what it does say is that having a very sick teen is preventable CDC says reports of deaths were all unvaccinated In San Francisco I'm at Baxter Bloomberg daybreak Europe Lord sees no convincing case for the Bank of England to make a digital pounds Bloomberg's pouter condia has more A panel of lawmakers from parliament delivered a blow to the Bank of England's efforts to launch a digital currency The House of lords economic affairs committee which includes former BOE governor bourbon king raised concerns about the project They're worried the digital currency might threaten the stability of the banking system the findings are a blow to supporters of Central Bank digital currencies which would give consumers and business as a form of money that's safe as cash in London I am preacher condia Bloomberg daybreak Europe And finally Novak Djokovic has been included in the draw for the Australian open tennis but uncertainty.

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