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Press reach out on social media to tell us who you think jack the ripper wes and don't forget to subscribe to unsolved murders in serial killers on i tombs google play soundcloud stitcher spotify or any other podcasts directory if you like what you year leave a fivestar review or tell us what you think i'd facebook or twitter at park cast network a new episode of serial killers comes out every monday and new episode of unsolved murders true crime stories comes out every tuesday i'm vanessa richardson climbed wholesome i'm wendy mckenzie phnom carter roar thanks for listening and we'll see you next time if we live till next time and in the meantime heroic killer week the jack the ripper special was created by max cutler is the production of cutler media and is part of the park cast network is produced by ron and max color sound design by ron shapiro with production assistance by dole stein and maggie admire and written by jessica malo the jack the ripper special stars carter roy wendy mckenzie greg poulsen at the nasser richardson the amazing cast a voice actors includes bound for benegal order mike opposi kimberly holland harris markson manoon orion sammy nye and steve pinto the next episode of our jack the ripper special is available on to me and right now just search jack the ripper in the free to an app or go to tune incomjack the ripper to binge the whole series right now.

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