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If you're still an old school. The original your your life question. But he'll try to keep like a paragraph because I it's really interesting. Yeah. The most like, I know everybody feels like their life is the most interesting thing. But really when you're doing these dating advice shows or anything like paragraph is really a lot like five hundred words is like wait who is this again, what is going on so paragraph? Try to try to be sustained and in keep your wife already not a huge fan of the show of RAI keeping you the podcast, right? She is one of her least favorite shows and not a big fan. Probably. I think this is her least favorite of all the podcasts afford a freaking hater is she's in the silent majority. Yes. I can't even mention rob Makita podcast without like, and I roll from hell not it's not because listen, we're putting her kids through college. Of course, she doesn't care about that. But now having I think she looks at this podcast as like, okay, I understand the function of the survivor coverage. This is you're just messing around with kiva. This is not a integral part of the rob. As a podcast experience, Tuesday Suze f. f that one dozen news AFC, but these af is shorter. And I think she's like she likes Tyson more than you fair. And it doesn't really like impact that much. I'm in my wife hates it. Also. So record this weekend's she has to he knew more about this. Like, nobody's Nicole. Did you hear what happened on news? Af. No, yeah. Listen, we got we make headlines though. That's what we do. Right. Rob. Yeah. So I think she's going to be extra mad because I think kaylin come into the studio for a Robin, Akiva pot. She's just not going to like that. No. It'll be fine Nicole Caitlyn routinely. Caitlyn works out at a like she goes to the gym next to where my wife goes to go boxing. She's well, it's gonna be you up. I think she's training to like you. The trial. I think I'm still faster than her. I would guess you're faster. Yeah. Much longer limbs than she does. Like, they're they're not afraid of read some podcasts reviews while we're still waiting fruitlessly for Kaylynn through sponsor tax. Okay. All right. So let's go ahead. And let's look this up seen. Anybody gave us any reviews in the apple podcasts store. You can go to rob has a website dot com slash NAP to go ahead and go directly to our page in the apple podcasts store, and we're going to go ahead and bring up, Robin. Akiva need a podcast with one hundred seventy four ratings in the I tunes. Apple podcasts store. Okay. Oh, here's a one of our most recent ones. And this comes to us from a listener looks like we got a lot of feedback from the TV theme song bracket from people. This is from Karen by the bay says kiss my grits. The theme song to Alice was snubbed used to be. Said used to be shy. Don't all the rest of the words come from there. Even if you can barely remember show. Why don't even know what she's talking about? I don't even know what show she's fucking about. All right. The deal with this week, rob. All right people saying how was my show snubbed. And we've never even heard of the show that are talking about. All right, then here comes somebody named pure coin. Pure coin says a warning to those yet to listen first off, I'm not I tunes user and setting up their services a frustrating. Ordeal. But it was vital that I leave this review. It literally took me an hour to get to this point. And I only tell you this. So you can appreciate the severity of what follows avoid this podcast at all costs. Rob sister. Nino of the scorn fame and his young ward kiva Winokur are on a mission to create the longest podcast possible. It started out instantly enough with a couple of music videos and enjoying the company perfect strangers and it since devolved into a non stop barrage. Of musical interludes sleeping.

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