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Unaware of the faulty work at the time and also said there was substantial other evidence linking the two men to the shootings. It's 6 48. And with traffic and weather on the 8s, here's rob stallworth in the traffic center. We'll take you to downtown John right now on south capitol street across the devil's bridge completely blocked off for the police activity if you're southbound traffic has to turn at end street northbound has to turn in first Sterling avenue, the suitland park where you must continue around the anacostia park traffic also keep that in mind if you plan on traveling downtown today. Also east capital street between first street and second street is going to be blocked as well as first and second street between constitution avenue and east capital street for demonstration activity around the U.S. Supreme Court. National capital barbecue battle takes place today closing a few rows downtown, of course third street between constitution and independence avenue as well as Maryland, avenue between third street and independence, fourth street also between Pennsylvania avenue and Madison drive for a full list of the closures. You can visit our website at WTO P dot com. No problems being reported in Maryland or Virginia on the beltway so far, eastbound route 50 headed toward the bay bridge may have a lane blocked as a result of debris or broken down vehicles to watch out for that. The traveling back in Virginia, westbound I 66 as you leave route 50 headed toward 28 and 29 that right lane gets you by the work zone after that you are clear. Inside the beltway one 66 westbound, the crash activity before sigmoid street is cleared from the right lane you're traveling are available. No problems when I 95 are on three 95 from now between Fredericksburg and the 14th street bridge. You guys are looking pretty smooth. A new problem is in woodbridge, many of your road southbound after the Prince William Parkway, we had the first report of a crash near bluefin drive, so keep that in mind if you're traveling on milleville road. Just imagine new teeth in 24 hours, it's possible with G four by gulpa and the gulpa precision implant dentistry technology, scheduling a consultation today at G four by gopa dot com. I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic. And here's storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson. After a bit of rain that we had earlier this week high pressure will sit on top of our area throughout the entire weekend. With that

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