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They're playing right now there's no change that you could make that doesn't sit well with your locker room not to mention their winning so the vikings the rams and they win their sixth in a row and they put some distance between themselves and the rest of the north we talked about the packers they lost of their at five and drive the lions and the earth played each other on sunday and honestly detroit almost deserve lose this game um they gave up two hundred twenty two rushing yards the bears now we know that bears have jordan howard and so that's going to be there they're bell cow that term all the time with laid bell but it applies in this situation to howard 100 and twenty five yard and a score shall mitch trubisky these he was generally average but he didn't thrown interception although he did lose a fumble so he wasn't completely clean but detroit gives up over two hundred yards rushing conor barth then shanks a late field goal i mean brutal it literally looked like it would if you miss hit the ball off the face of golf club shift essentially they were dodging bullets so the lions survive prague probe could have lost this game they did rally from ten points down so we'll give them credit for that so the end up gagged that way and keeping pace they're at six and four but the vikings already into its after hours me lawrence here on cbs sports radio.

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