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She's like making fun of Marcia and then she starts playing the guitar and like six songs about Homer co-ed can't doesn't speak English as well as everyone and like it's it's really mean she's like completely going her but also like I was I was like Ashley you're going to get your face life dented cuz Marcia is a lot bigger. She's taller than her and she just is like Not Afraid. Yeah. I'm like, I would not a make fun of someone for Not Dead. Speak English, but also like I'm not coming for like the the Brazilian girl. Oh, like that's not the person I would be picking on I'd find like the weak link and then just get in their heads and try and get them eliminated. Marcia's not she's like right in Ashley's face. And then at one point she just takes two beers and dumps them both. Actually. I like she deserved that but Ashley's been she's been picking at her and baiting her and gang up on her and then the minute Marcia defends herself actually is like, oh my God in all the wage like, you know comfort her and she's she starts like crying and she's like that was so mean I was like classic fucking classic white girl, like just off immediately becoming the victim and just being like, yeah. My favorite is Melissa who we didn't cover in the beginning, but she was the one who in the photo shoot. She was like I'm fit and I'm petite and Men chased me and people Corner me on the street asking to take photos of me and Melissa goes straight into weeping and goes. I want to know she takes that really hard. Yeah. She's off these fake bitches. I want to go. She has like she's she's already blackout like they've been just pounding shots and she's so listen. She her barometer for being able to handle something like already going into the danger zone. So like I will blame her I think she's going to be quickly eliminated. I don't see her lasting very long. She gives me Tamara Vibes also took from as well as really whoa. Okay, we get to breath show and but just cuts to him like he's going on stage jumping around and he reminds me of Ashlee Simpson. Yeah, he's definitely gang. I've been re-watching the Ashlee Simpson show which you can actually watch for free on YouTube so long they're uploaded there with no commercials and credible. It's incredible to revisit her journey and God bless her episode is when Jessica and CeCe got LASIK surgery and she comes to actually show and she's just in the balcony with her like bandages over her eyes glow or big like bug glasses on and like her fully bandaged true faith and actually singing a song about like living in the shadow of someone else's dream and Jessica has like no idea. It's about her. She's just like God it was beautiful. She had everything it's also Ashley by this point has a record deal a full-blown record deal. She like in cahoots the head of the label and she's never performed live before and this is her first-ever live performance and her mother father and Jessica. Are there any issues like thank you all so much for coming and now I'm going to sing a song about something really important to me and then sings the song basically saying like fuck all of you guys you made my life hell and I had to like fight my dog Out of the brutal. Yeah Fortress childhood that you created for me. She's getting revenge on her. Mom her gay dad and her more famous older sister. I also loved the episode where they have to shoot a commercial for Pizza Hut and like they threw Ashley into the commercial like to be nice and they dress Jessica. Like she's like a cameras and like bouncy blonde and they literally dress Ashley like a cowboy but actually a little boy Ashley sold more albums..

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