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But i think i'll carries on the traditions absolutely exactly My dad was also a huge fan and simon and garfunkel. My dad's favorite song is a boxer from bridge over troubled water so we heard that record a lot and then i i remember a lot of the year will the circle be broken. Came out we took a trip to colorado and drove. All you know just drove everywhere and listen to that record on a loop so that music. Elle's her really ingrained in my head that kind of I don't know back then. They used to call it old timey music but he called bluegrass americana. Whatever did you watch. Ken burns documentary on catcher western country. Yes yeah yeah. They talked about the session. Go out. I like that stuff. I that was just a brilliant documentary and You it is. I thought it was interesting. The to kind of give a similar like you know Stanley and jack kirby and you know you kind of build on comics from that to see you know the carter family and jimmie rodgers and how everything fode know flowed from that that you know when you talk about. How even modern like a mardi stuart was directly from that. You know you can connect the dots on that. I thought it was amazing. I'm a big nitty gritty dirt band fan as well. Oh cool yeah So when you start getting into high school and getting a little bit older. Did your musical tastes change. When did you find your own musical voice. Probably so that earliest stuff. That i love that. I knew my my dad would have liked. I never was exposed to through him. I i became a real buddy. Holly junkie when i was in high school and then i had my big beatles. Phase buddy was at the movie. I actually no. I don't think so. i think i loved him before. That movie came out And i can't honestly tell you I think i had a greatest hits album and by the time has done. I had that box set the complete buddy holly vinyl which in the intervening years. I lost that but i acquired another one because it was dear to me and i still when i'm really stuck and feeling kind of like i don't have any roots in the world. I put on buddy that just somehow that connects me with with my surroundings. Every time is just his step seem so pure to me. I discovered him because of the movie. And i there is. I have a couple of his cds like some of the they did a remastered of A cd. i think like in the early eighties. the they did And i remember just wearing that. Cd out just everything and then And then to bring it back right then The nitty gritty dirt band did several covers of buddy holly songs like their version of ravon..

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