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Has there been observant shell before the hasn't really been a surfing. Show right yeah. I don't think so this shows pretty unique because it kind of incorporates. A lot of shows that i think viewers at home. We'll be pretty familiar with so. It's like a serving show meets. Big brother meets bachelor in paradise. Essentially sort of what this says got it. And how does it work so fourteen of the best surfers in america. Seven men seven women that comes from hawaii california florida puerto rico all coming together competing and surfing to become the ultimate surfer. Win one hundred thousand dollars and get a spot on the world surfing championship tour. Which is you know. That's the pinnacle of surfing professional surfing. It's essentially like the nfl of surfing. So there's lots on the line but you get fourteen really good looking. People are living together. Anything can happen. So we got lots of drama in the water out of the water up. Because there's so much on the line and that essentially is what show it. And i'm assuming you're hosting jesse i'm hosting this show mario. I grew up in ottawa canada. Which is the mecca of pro surfing. As we all know so i did. I did absolutely vis much growing up right. I was a snows- snow server. All that snowboarding. Right but it's funny man like since i played football with the gators than the new york giants. I've i've always kind of been a fan of serpent from a distance and kelly slater is named to me. That was a guy that i sort of looked at i admired. He's like the michael jordan of professional surfing when eleven world championships. He's totally transcended the sports. So when i found out that he was a part of this and we were going to be filming the show at his surf. Ranch in california. I just do. This is something that i absolutely had to be a part of. Oh i'm excited to hear that. He's a part of it. I didn't want to ask. And i was gonna be disappointed if he was in. Because i would venture say. Because i do love surfing in being in southern california kid i would actually say not only is kelly one of the best servers of all time. It definitely the best but just all around best. Athletes really is the way he's been able to stay on top for so long. It's just unbelievable. And the things he's been able to do i. Honestly i'd i'd put them in there in the mount rushmore for best athletes. I don't that's not far fetched right. No i think you're absolutely right. And i think the thing which really cool about kelly when you get to kind of know him and you're around him you see he's got this crazy. Laser focus mental toughness that so many of the great athletes have right. I think my childhood growing up and people being canadian wayne gretzky. And then michael jordan. We mentioned tom brady today. They all sort of have that. It factor. that's something. Kelly has. Which is why i think he's a big reason why he's been so successful for so many years now in a sport exactly end as opposed to those guys to. I always think individuals sports right. 'cause there's so many factors that go in as you know to team sports but as an individual sport and to stay on top for so long credibly impressive so that's cool that he's involved serious credibility right there. Where where'd you find the other servers as opposed to or not as oppose. I should say aside from america. Where are the best ones. Come from well on this show. Mostly everybody's american. We got one guy coming in from puerto rico as well at our surfers basically come from all different walks of life and all the different levels of circuit we have some of the competitors on a show that have actually already been on the world surfing championship tour. So they've been there and they know by winning this. They get a chance to get back on at the championship towards so hard to get you expensive yet the travel. It's so competitive. Zoo now so i think for them. That's really really unique to. I think for viewers at home really. I mean you don't have to be crazy surf fan to watch and like this show. I think what's cool. Is that a lot of people are going to connect with our surfers because they all have their own individual sewri they all come from different backgrounds and a lot of them have had sorted navigate a different path. Getting to this point some have had to deal with different personal obstacles. Some different traumas. They'd had to get over to get here. Everyone has their own. Why why they're doing it. Why this means so much to them. This really is a once in a lifetime. Opportunity for seven minutes seven women and there's so much on the line. I think those personal stories in connections. I think we're really resonate with a lot of people at home. Yeah no it sounds very cool man have you. Have you tried it now have you. Have you gotten out there. I've tried surfing. I wasn't able to serve on this show because they were afraid. I was going to get hurt. I probably would have pulled might have torn a couple of acl's we all know that would have happened. Inevitably i would have been worth it though. So inevitably mariel. I'm the guy that's like hosting the show tons of foam. Oh i've just got all this envy on the sidelines watching all these beautiful people in the water. Doing what they're doing. Kelly's out there billy camper was like one of the best big wave surfers in the world. He comes on the show and they're just like the surf rant is like one of the most amazing places in the world like seven football fields. Long waters like glass. The perfect wave every time. And i'm just. I'm just kind of there on dry land just allen myself off is because i'm just jealous. Well the thing is about surfing. And i'm sure this show will inspire a lot of people to try it. You can suck and it's still a lot of fun. Just yeah what you know what i mean. You don't even have over there with the big board. I'm still having a good time. Just being out in the sun and with the water and everything. It's it's fantastic jesse. I won't talk a little football season. How do you. How do you feel about my chargers. Do you do think they have a really legitimate shot this year. So i i love the chargers. I love your quarterback. You've got justin herbert the rookie of the year. He's going to be your guy for years and years and years and it's now just about building the team in the pieces around him. You've got so many weapons throat right now. I feel like the chargers doing that. The only problem. I have with the chargers. Mario is that you you play in patrick mahomes division. I know we can't help that. I know but you don't remember when herbert and the first game out even having reps he was winning most of that game they barely let us game. that was some coaching. So i'm not scared him. I think i think our guys are gonna be fired up. We'll say to i. I like the bullets this year. I like the bullets this year. I think we could see a little sneaky playoff run from good. I liked that. I liked that i liked that right there. You.

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