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Various inhabited worlds outside universes formed the ether bridges needed for mental. Communication. Atmospheric friction burned away the protecting envelope leaving the cube exposed and subject to discovery by the intelligent minds of the world's where they fell. By its very nature, the Cuban attract and river attention. This when coupled with the action of White was sufficient to set its special properties working. The mind that noticed the cube. would be drawn into it by the power of the disk and would be sent on a threat of obscure energy to the place whence the disk Tom. The remote world of the worm like space explorers across stupendous galactic abysses received in one of the machines to which each cube was attuned. The captured mind would remain suspended without body or senses until examined by one of the worm-like race. Then it would by an obscure process of inner change be pumped of all its contents. The investigators mind would now occupy the strange machine. While the captive mind occupied the interrogators worm like body. Then in another change, the interrogators mind would leap across boundless space to the captives vacant unconscious body on the Trans Galactic World animating the Alien Tenement as best it could. And exploring the alien world in the guise of one of its denizens. Went done with exploration. The adventure would use the cube and its disk in accomplishing his return. And Sometimes the captured mind would be restored safely to its own remote world not always however. Was the alien race so kind Sometimes when a potentially important species capable of space travel was found. The worm like folk would employ the cube to capture and annihilate minds by the thousands and would extirpate the species for diplomatic reasons using the exploring minds as agents of destruction. In other cases, sections of worm like folk would permanently occupy the Trans Galactic Planet, destroying the captured minds and wiping out the remaining inhabitants preparatory to settling down in the unfamiliar. Bodies. Never however could the parent civilization be quite duplicated in such case since the new planet would not contain all the materials necessary for the worm races art. The cubes, for example, could be made only on the home planet. Only a few of the numberless cube sent forth ever found a landing and response in an inhabited world since there was no such thing as aiming them at goals beyond site or non witch. Only three ran, the story had ever landed on peopled worlds in their own particular universe. One of these had struck a planet near the Galactic Rim two thousand billion years ago. While another had lodged three billion years ago on a world near the center of the Galaxy, the third and the only one ever known to have invaded. The solar system had reached our own earth one hundred and fifty million years ago. It was with this ladder that Dr winters halls translation chiefly dealt. When the cube struck the earth he wrote were huge cone shaped creatures surpassing all others before or since in mentality and achievements this species was so advanced that it had actually sent minds abroad in both space and time to explore the cosmos hence recognized something of what had happened when the cube fell from the sky and certain individuals had suffered mental change after gazing at it. Realizing that the changed individuals represented invading minds, the species leaders had them destroyed even at the cost of leaving the displaced mines exiled in alien space. They had had experience with even stranger transitions when through the mental exploration of space and time they formed a rough idea of what the cube was. They carefully hit the thing from light and sight and guarded it as a menace. They did not wish to destroy a so rich in later experimental possibilities now, and then some rash unscrupulous adventurer would furtively gain access to it and sample. It's perilous powers despite the consequences. But. All such cases were discovered and safely and drastically dealt with. Of the evil meddling the only bad result was that the worm like species learned from the new exiles what had happened to their explorers on Earth And conceived a violent hatred of the planet and all its life forms, they would have destroyed it if they could and indeed sent additional cubes into space in the wild hope of striking at by accident in unguarded places. But that accident never came to pass. The cone shaped terrestrial beings kept the one existing cube in a special shrine as a relic and basis for experiments. Till after EONS, it was lost in the chaos of war and the destruction of the great polar city where it was guarded. When fifty million years ago the being sent their mind ahead into the infinite future to avoid a nameless peril of inner earth. The whereabouts of the sinister cube from space were unknown. This, much according to the learn to cultist the down shards had said, what now made the account? So obscurely frightful to Campbell was the minute accuracy with which the Alien Q. had been described. Every detail tallied. Dimensions Consistency hieroglyph central disc hypnotic effects as he thought the matter over and over amidst the darkness of his strange situation, he began to wonder whether the whole experience with the Crystal Cube indeed its very existence were not a nightmare brought on by some freakish subconscious memory of this old bit of extravagant Charlotte Hanoch reading if so though the nightmare must still be in force since his present apparently body Louis State had nothing of normality in it. Of the time consumed by this puzzled memory and reflection, Campbell could form no estimate everything about his state was so unreal that ordinary dimensions and measurements became meaningless it seems an eternity. But perhaps, it was not really long before the sudden interruption came. What happened was a strange and inexplicable as the blackness it succeeded. There was a sensation of a mind rather than body and all at once Campbell his thoughts swept or sucked beyond his control in tumultuous and Chaotic Fashion Memories Arose irresponsibly and irrelevantly all that he knew all his personal background traditions experiences scholarship dreams, ideas, and inspirations welled up abruptly and simultaneously with dizzying speed and abundance, which soon made him on to keep track of any separate concept. The parade of all his mental contents became an avalanche, a cascade of Vortex. It was as horrible and vertiginous as his flight through space when the crystal cube pulled him. Finally, it snapped his consciousness and brought on fresh oblivion another measureless blank. And then. A slow trickle of sensation. This time it was physical, not mental Sapphire light and.

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