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Side with Dan ray on WBZ newsradio ten thirty let justice take man Dan talking about the danger of Lyme disease it is it my imagination Dan or has this stuff just exploded in the last five to ten years absolutely not your imagination and I think it's been building for a little bit longer than that but things are getting to be a real concerned and I think the CDC does characterize tick borne illness as the Intel the covert nineteen the fastest growing sectors disease concern in the country so yes we have we have a big problem and it's not just lime it's a whole host of different types of infections that that you can get from the deer tick as well as some other ticks yeah this one is this the thing L. western rocky mountain spotted fever that sounds like a winner that's for sure I mean you got but the Lone Star tick which is somehow made its way here to New England sounds like it came from Texas well it came from the south for sure and the Lone Star tick brings its own set of problems there they find you a little bit differently than the deer tick and then what I mean by that is they actually will hunt you down and chase you in big groups so how do you how big are these things there are slightly larger than the deer tick but a little bit smaller than the doctor so I don't know if people can visualize that the deer tick they always talk about was sort of like the equivalent of a pencil point if you took a pencil and you put it on a piece of paper that's what I was I always thought is that correct yeah well nymphal stage deer ticks are about the size of a poppy seed which is very very small and that's why it's so hard to find them and that's why they cost so much disease and those those are the ones that leave when they do bite you if you happen to be in the shower or go or going to bed and you you take off it oftentimes if you haven't you know had high socks or or make sure your pants were cuffed around the brush and you get a bull's eye looks like a bull's eye that's well that's correct in the case of Lyme disease if you do get bitten by an infected tick about fifty percent of the people that get bitten by this infected deer tick well developed this rash that looks like a target or a bullseye not everybody gets it but if you do get it it's a pretty clear sign that you've got Lyme disease now again if you get to a doctor in you and we've had doctor Alfred Miller on and maybe we'll have him on some night in the next couple of weeks he's someone who believes that the antibiotics if used early for a period of more than twenty one days for a long time I'm sure you know that the idea was that if you do fourteen days or something you're okay he's he subscribes to the to the belief that one you got to get to the doctor early you got to use the antibiotics and he got it in you got to use them overwhelmingly to to kill kill the disease once once he takes is that again you're not the doctor on the show but is that generally the consensus that could you describe to yes from my research what I what I've found is that yes doxycycline is the type of antibiotic that is most commonly prescribed for Lyme disease and Lyme disease infection it's thought to be a good idea to use it for a minimum of thirty days he says somebody has determined that that's like the there's a life cycle of the bacteria and thirty days will that enable you to knock it out I believe that stalked out for Miller who who basically did a lot of that research we've had him on the show before and yeah yeah I mean if you're gonna take antibiotics this will take an extra week yeah exactly yeah yeah I would agree with that but you know some people are having problems tolerating the medicine it does make you extremely sensitive to the sun and in the summer time that could be difficult but you know the alternative could be a lot worse absolutely other I've had at least one friend of mine a young woman who literally it took took her out of the work force I mean just she she became bedridden I mean she was lethargic me there's no energy level so real quickly here and we break we will get the phone calls right after the break real quickly what can most of us do I mean you know the weather's going to break the weather's gonna get hot later this week they're talking about eighties maybe even close to ninety what can people do to prevent getting the disease other than staying in the house yeah well that's a bit sad that some people think that's a great idea lock yourself in a in a white room in the interior of the building and never come out you know that's the so what realistically even in this day of social distancing and sheltering in place maybe maybe that will actually be beneficial but what what what do you advise no actually I think this cove it is having a bit of the opposite effect when it comes to Texas people are not at work they're at home going stir crazy in the weather breaks and I can tell you just from my own personal experience with that I've been out with my dogs probably two or three times as much as I was last year and and so I think a lot of people are just dying to get outside and that given and coupled with the fact that we have more ticks this year based upon a lot of different factors and we just don't have enough time for me to get into all the details but to get to go directly to your question I think there's a couple of steps that people must follow in order to protect themselves as much as possible or mitigate this risk one is going to be prevention prevention for your yard prevention for your body when you're exposed to ticks and basically you're exposed to ticks any time you're out hiking walking the dog or even just going to get your mails you know in certain certain areas then what you need to do is unbearably if you are exposed so a ticket's gonna get into your to your pet and start biting you what you need to know at that point is what do you do with that you know when that happens and that is where prompt improper tick removal is so important after the bite you have to know what options and what steps to take in order again to either treat an infection that's occurring or to make sure that you have a little bit of peace of mind and understanding what your risks are and what your options are it at every level of risk all right my my guest is pick man Dan more preventative information and the answers to your questions six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty coming right back on my time side.

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