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Clear in 68 Kogo news time is 6 42, a member of the proud boys, which is ah, far right group is under arrest, facing nearly a dozen charges in Portland. Alan Swinney is accused of pointing a gun at counter protesters and firing a paintball gun and mace at them on two separate occasions. That's in August. Well, the Seagram's liquor, Harris will serve just under seven years behind bars for her role in upstate New York Sex slave cult Here's Tom regarding Claire Bronfman has been sentenced in federal court to 81 months in prison. This after the judge ripped into her conduct, slamming Bronfman for using her wealth and social status to silence the victims and critics of next of him for years. Next of them promoted itself as a self help group. But in reality was a sex cult, with leader Keith Rainier, forcing women to have sex with him. Having them branded with his initials. Prosecutors say he could not have run the colt without Bronfman's massive wealth. The Trump Administration has proposed further slashing the number of refugees the U. S accepts to a new record low in the coming year. In a notice to Congress Wednesday, the government said it intends to let in 15,000 refugees in 2021. That's 3000 fewer than the 18,000 the administration set for fiscal year 2020. The president's required by law to consult with Congress before making determinations, although ultimately it's up to him. The administration froze refugee admissions in March amid the Corona virus pandemic. No more than a month has gone by some have been arrested while protesting racial injustice have not gotten all their property back. The San Diego Police Department said that it has not returned cellphone seized from individuals arrested during August protests confirming a claim made last week by a group of civil rights attorneys, who called it a violation of the Fourth Amendment in due process Rights S DPD said they will be releasing cell phone soon, but will request a warrant from a judge if they seek further information on the phone. The county jail is accused of taking the phones without making it. Record of the seizure. STP denies that the San Diego also argues that police have held onto the phones for an unreasonable amount of time as they have had a month to investigate. Zachary Barnes KOGO news viral video featuring a seventies classic juice and skateboarding earns its star thousands. Nathan Apodaca of Idaho Falls, who goes by dogface to.

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